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Despite the current challenges, we know that the important work you do in helping to ensure food safety and authenticity is a priority. As part of our commitment to you, we are excited to bring you the opportunity to join a series of free educational and informative webinars*, presented in English. Simply review the topics below and register with your details.

How Thermo Scientific food pathogen detection solutions can help the modern food testing laboratory overcome current and emerging risks

Presented by Daniele Sohier and Matthew Hahs

A brief look at how market trends are placing increasing demands on the food testing laboratory and some of the key challenges this presents with regard to pathogen detection. Participants will then learn how Thermo Scientific™ PCR food pathogen solutions can help to overcome these challenges with workflows that; require a low number of handling steps, have proven accuracy, and deliver results in a short timeframe.

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An example of food microbiology testing method validation and verification according to the ISO 16140 standard series

Presented by Daniele Sohier and Matthew Hahs

Follow the validation journey of a Thermo Scientific food pathogen detection solution through method validation according to ISO 16140-part 2:2016 and learn how Thermo Fisher can support your laboratory with the efficient and successful verification of an alternative method according to ISO 16140-part 3 (due to be publish in September 2020).

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Harnessing the power of NGS technology in the fight against food fraud and damaged reputations

Presented by Mario Gadanho and Nicole Prentice

The authenticity of food raw materials, ingredients and finished products is integral to securing and maintaining consumer trust and protecting company brands. A look at the current economic climate and how it is shaping food fraud in different segments and geographical regions of the market will set the scene for understanding how the Thermo Scientific NGS Food Authenticity workflow can be a powerful tool for food manufacturers.

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Information about the speakers:


Daniele Sohier is the Senior Manager for Global Scientific Affairs – Food Protection at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Daniele is strongly involved in ISO and AOAC standardization and is an active member of MicroVal. She has coordinated more than 100 validation studies including several harmonized AOAC-ISO 16140 validation schemes.


Mario Gadanho,R&D Senior Staff Scientist at Thermo Fisher, is actively involved as an expert in the standardization of molecular biology methods at AFNOR, CEN and ISO on the topics of food authenticity, traceability and safety. Project leader of the ISO 22949 standard introducing DNA sequencing for animal species ID into the food sector.


Matthew Hahs,Global Brand Manager for validated PCR molecular products – Food Protection at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Matthew has nine years experience serving operational and marketing functions at Thermo Fisher.  His areas of focus have been in Culture Media and most recently PCR solutions for pathogen dection in food protection workflows.


Nicole Prentice is the Global Brand Manager for Food Integrity Solutions at Thermo Fisher with 20 years of experience in molecular food diagnostics. She plays a pivotol role in the specification, development and commercialization of novel molecular solutions that empower global food companies in their quest against food fraud and adulteration.

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