Rapid pathogen detection to maximize your ROI

In today’s market, detecting foodborne pathogens quickly and efficiency, can make all the difference to avoiding product recalls, brand damage and increasing turnover and revenue. By leveraging the benefit of PCR testing, food and beverage companies have developed quicker and less expensive food protection processes, creating logistical and economic benefits to their company. We are committed to providing you with the fastest and most accurate solution to get your products to customers as quickly and safely as possible. 

Areas of food pathogen testing
Poultry Pathogen Testing
Meat Pathogen Testing
Dairy Pathogen Testing
Seafood Pathogen Testing
Why use PCR for food Testing?


Increase turnaround time

Increased turnaround time and revenue

With results in just 24 hours, rapid PCR pathogen detection saves you time, money and boost efficiency. Offering complete confidence, run after run; get your products out to market faster, increasing revenue and turnaround.

Simplify your workflow

Simplified and efficient workflow

Simple sample preparation enables time savings compared to other systems and provides scalability to higher-throughput and sample volumes. Offering you reduced waiting time for product release or intervention.


AOAC and AFNOR accredited

Comply with regulatory standards with SureTect assays and workflows. Validated for a broad range of targets and matrices according to AFNOR and AOAC certification requirements.

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