System overview


SureTect Food Safety PCR System

Visibly simple food pathogen and quality testing—simple workflows designed to get results.

Rapidly and accurately detect foodborne pathogens, and other important food safety and quality targets with the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect Food Safety PCR System.

Empower your operations with simple, automatable workflows and rapid reporting to enable faster product release and interventions. Our food safety PCR assays offer detection of the major pathogens and other important targets in food, pet food and animal feed, primary production samples, and samples from environmental manufacturing.

Whether your laboratory is looking to introduce PCR technology for the first time, or you want to expand the PCR testing services you offer, we can help you find the right solution.

Streamlined workflow




Single enrichment step

Sample preparation and lysis

Run, read and report

Confirm PCR positives

8-24 hours

Single enrichment step of 8-24 hours (depending on target and matrix).

20-40 minutes

Fully automated using the SureTect™ Automation Workflow, or manual preparation with direct lysis in the Applied Biosystems™ SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler.

~80 minutes

Perform PCR with the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™ Instrument using the RapidFinder Analysis Software. Report PCR-negative results immediately (results are automatically interpreted).

24 hours

Confirm PCR-positive results, after overnight incubation, using rapid chromogenic culture media methods.

See how we have innovated to improve workflow & handling:

Learn how you can reduce hands-on time whilst increasing accuracy with the SureTect Automation Workflow:

SureTect PCR Assays


Validated for a broad range of targets and matrices according to ISO 16140-2:2016 (AFNOR validation) and AOAC certification requirements, the SureTect PCR Assays provide the ultimate solution for all your foodborne pathogen detection requirements.

  • Pre-dispensed lysis and PCR reagents, reducing handling steps and risk of operational error
  • NEW color-coded frames for lysis and PCR stripe well plates for easy assay target identification
  • NEW clearly oriented lysis and assay plates reducing human error
  • NEW color indicator in Proteinase K Reagent enabling tracking of pipetted wells
  • Thin-walled polypropylene wells ensure superior thermal cycling performance for consistent results run after run
  • Internal Positive Control (IPC) in every well providing confidence in every result
  • NEW pierceable seals to reduce handling steps
  • All assays compatible with both manual and automated workflows
Suretect PCR assays kit

New features of the upgraded SureTect Assays include:

Color-coded assay strip plates

 Color-coded Assay Strip Plates

Easy, safe separation into 8-well strips

Easy, safe separation of Lysis and Assay plates into 8-well strips

Cut strips to required number of tubes

Cut strips to required number of tubes

Color-indicator in Proteinase K Reagent

Color-indicator in Proteinase K Reagent

Efficient plate sealing

Efficient plate sealing

Pierceable lysis tube seals

Pierceable lysis tube seals

SureTect assay list


View the full range of SureTect PCR Assays:

Featured Product


SureCount Salmonella

Salmonella control you can count on

Simultaneously quantify & type with the innovative Thermo Scientific™ SureCount™ Salmonella species, Typhimurium and Enteritidis PCR Kit method. A simple, all-in-one solution designed to give you quantification and serotype results for the most common pathogenic Salmonella strains associated with meat and poultry matrices.

Visit page


Instruments & software



Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Automation Workflow (using the CyBio™ FeliX)

With the Thermo Scientific SureTect Automation Workflow you can take your food safety testing to the next level with automated lysis and PCR setup. Utilizing the CyBio FeliX Instrument, the automated workflow allows you to reduce hands-on time whilst increasing the accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Fully validated by AFNOR and AOAC for use with all SureTect Assays, the instrument's flexible programs, user-friendly interface and rapid yet precise setup ensure maximum efficiency, whilst the compact design saves valuable bench space.

Time saving

  • Fully automated lysis, PCR setup or complete workflow
  • Rapid 5-minute setup for loading reagents

Intuitive software

  • Pre-programmed runs for quick setup
  • User-friendly interface with no specialist training required


  • Up to 6 different assays/96 samples on the same run
  • Integrated heating and cooling block
  • Choose between the CHOICE head for simultaneous 8-sample pipetting or the Head R 96
    for 96-sample pipetting
  • Choose from full or partial plate processing
  • Compact design: 58kg and 650x450x700mm

Accurate and traceable

  • Barcoded sample entry for full traceability
  • Precise pipetting
  • Robust and factory calibrated instrument

Order the SureTect Automation Workflow

Applied BioSystems™ QuantStudio™ 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR System

The SureTect PCR Assays are validated to run on the QuantStudio 5 Food Safety PCR system using Thermo Scientific RapidFinder Analysis Software for easy test set-up, results interpretation and data analysis.

The QuantStudio 5 Food Safety PCR System is a high-performance benchtop platform, combining ease-of-use and system connectivity with powerful options that enable maximum data utility and control. Benefit from the flexibility of a 6-channel, 96-well, cloud-enabled open platform suitable for running our full range of PCR solutions for food safety, authenticity, and quality testing.

Intuitive and easy-to-use for all levels of experience with touchscreen usability, allowing you to stay connected to your data easily.

  • Multiplex with ease—up to six excitation and six emission filters offer 21 different color combinations, allowing a broad range of detection chemistries and maximum multiplexing
  • Get up and running quickly—factory-calibrated for accuracy, quick installation, and immediate use; pre-optimized protocol templates help minimize training for new users
  • Maximize benchtop space—compact instrument can be configured as a stand-alone or with a computer
  • Open instrument—suitable for all our food safety, authenticity, and quality PCR tests
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software, avoiding subjective interpretation
  • Cloud-enabled, offering the potential for data sharing, analysis, and trending
  • Capacity for processing several hundred samples a day

Order the QuantStudio 5 Food Safety PCR System

Thermo Scientific RapidFinder Analysis Software

An integral part of the SureTect workflow, the RapidFinder Analysis Software is a graphical, easy-to-use tool for food and environmental testing labs to optimize their pathogen detection workflow.

Simple set-up

  • Intuitive sample set up
  • Flexible plate layout including automatic or customisable options
  • Pre-set, optimized thermal cycling conditions per target

Automatic data interpretation

  • Fully automated amplification, detection, data collection, and data analysis
  • Quick interpretation of data with flags, notifications, and prompts
  • Detailed report generation for printing or export
  • Interoperability with LIMS or similar data management tool for importing plate set-up and exporting assay results
  • Automatically generates results (presence or absence of the target)
  • Offers interrogation of results for the whole plate, grouped by sample, or for individual PCR tubes

Order the RapidFinder Analysis Software

Handling tools


Easy-to-use tools to simplify your workflow: designed specifically to enhance each step of the SureTect PCR Assay workflow, the new Thermo Scientific™ SureTect Tools enable ease of handling, reducing hands-on time and human error, providing a superior user handling experience.

 ProductDescriptionCat. No.

PCR Strip Cutting Tool

Cut Lysis and PCR Assay Strips when fewer than 8 tubes are needed.


PCR Lysis Tube Uncapping Tool

For removal of Domed Strip Caps from Lysis Strips.


PCR Capping Tool

For capping Lysis and PCR Assay Plate strips.


96-well PCR Base

96-well base for Lysis and PCR Assay Strip Plates. Use in Lysis and PCR steps.


MicroAmp adhesive film applicator

Pack of 5; for ease of applying the Pierceable Film to Lysis Plate strips


PCR Strip Cutting Tool:

Capping Tool with Domed Lysis Tube Caps:

Uncapping Tool with Domed Lysis Tube Caps:

SureTect PCR Workflow video:

SureTect Trays


ProductDescriptionCat. No.

SimpliAmp Strip-Plate Tray

For compatibility and ease of loading SureTect Lysis Tubes into the SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler


QuantStudio 5 Strip-Plate Tray

For compatibility and ease of loading SureTect PCR Assay Tubes into the QuantStudio 5 PCR instrument


ABI 7500 Fast Precision Plate Adapter

For compatibility and ease of loading SureTect PCR Assay Tubes into the 7500 FAST PCR instrument


SimpliAmp Strip Plate Tray Cover

Pack of 10 For covering and securing the Lysis Tubes before pipetting




Each SureTect PCR Assay comes with all the reagents and PCR accessories needed to set up your SureTect PCR Assay tests to run on the QuantStudio 5 Food Safety PCR System. Additional SureTect Accessories are available to order separately, including Armadillo low-profile PCR strip plates for balancing when using the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Food Safety PCR System and domed lysis tube caps for use if preferred in place of the pierceable lysis seals.

ProductDescriptionCat. No.

Pierceable lysis seal

Pack of 100 seals

  • 2 included with each kit
  • Alternative option to lysis caps
  • Printings around each well for positioning and orientation
  • Strip perforations

Lysis tube caps, domed, pack of 120 strips

Pack of 120 strips: Optional domed caps that can be used in place of pierceable seals for the Lysis Tubes


Armadillo Low-Profile PCR Strip Plate, 96 well, clear

For balancing of 7500FAST plates


Ultra clear qPCR caps

Additional PCR caps, if required


SureTect workflow improvement starter pack


Get up and running quickly and easily with the new, improved SureTect PCR Assay workflow with the convenient SureTect Workflow Starter Pack containing all of the tools and accessories you need.

ProductDescriptionCat. No.

SureTect Workflow Starter Pack

Contains: 1x PCR Strip Cutting Tool, 1x PCR Strip Capping Tool, 1x PCR Strip Uncapping Tool, 2x 96-well PCR Base, 1x SimpliAmp Strip Plate Tray, 1x QuantStudio 5 Strip Plate Tray, 1x ABI 7500 Fast Precision Plate Adapter, 1x SimpliAmp strip plate tray cover, 1x MicroAmp Adhesive Film Applicator and 120x Lysis tube caps–domed


Validation & certification


SureTect PCR Assay validated workflows

SureTect PCR Assay workflows are validated for a broad range of matrices according to ISO 16140-2:2016 (AFNOR VALIDATION) and AOAC and fully supported by our dedicated and experienced technical teams.

View certifications




SureTect workflow video:

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