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Isolate, enumerate and identify Listeria species and L. monocytogenes in foods and environmental samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Listeria Precis™ Detection and Listeria Precis Enumeration Methods.

The Listeria Precis Methods deliver up to one third faster time to result (for detection compared to other validated rapid culture media-based methods) and dramatically simplified workflows for streamlined laboratory operations. Coupled with our approach to error reduction make them stand out performers in your laboratory.

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Next generation culture media technology

Detection of Listeria species and L. monocytogenes

Listeria detection workflow

Enumeration of Listeria species and L. monocytogenes

Listeria enumeration workflow
  • Single enrichment step (same starting point for all Thermo Scientific™ alternative, validated Listeria methods.
  • One plate delivering right first-time results. Blind, external laboratory studies demonstrated growth within 22 hours or under for all Listeria strains tested with the Listeria Precis Detection Method.
  • 10 μL loop inoculation of plates for all Precis Methods reducing contamination risk when using disposable loops compared to transferring larger inoculation volumes using a pipettor and disposable tips.
  • A single incubator temperature of 37°C for enrichment and plate for streamlined laboratory operations.
  • 33% reduction in plate inoculation time compared to other, rapid validated culture-based detection methods by using a disposable microbiological loop (10 μL) rather than a pipettor and tip (100 μL)
  • All testing completed on day 2 thanks to 15-minute confirmation of presumptive-positive colonies tested directly from the plate enabling rapid actions and faster product release.
  • Validated for a broad range of foods, animal feed and environmental samples by NF Validation following the ISO 16140-2:2016 study requirements (Certificate numbers: UNI 03/04-04/05, UNI 03/14-/06/22, UNI 03/05-09/06)
  • Surface and pour plate inoculation validated for the Listeria Precis Enumeration Method to offer flexibility and facilitate the testing of low contamination levels.

Brilliance™ Listeria Agar (ISO) Agar Base

Ready to melt bottled Agar Base now available

Brilliance™ Listeria Agar (ISO) Agar Base - now available in bottled agar format for use as part of the Listeria Precis Enumeration Method or the ISO 11290-2:2017 method for the enumeration of Listeria species and L. monocytogenes in food, animal feed and environmental samples. Simply melt, supplement, and pour.

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Feedback from our blind, third-party laboratory study participants:

“Marked contrast of the halo; very little additional flora; size of the halo is more pronounced than the other media from 22 hours” – GM

“Correct growth, very little interfering flora, correct colony size” - NM

“Characteristic colonies and halo visible on the plate from 22 hours” - AD

“Impressive confirmation method – truly exciting”– CG

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