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Now customers in Europe, US and Canada should place their orders for Applied Biosystems™ Food Safety Testing products via the Thermo Fisher Scientific Microbiology sales channel. Customers in Australia and New Zealand should place orders directly with their local Thermo Fisher Scientific sales office.  You can download the full list of affected products using the link below.

For customers in Europe, US and Canada, if you have not previously ordered from Thermo Fisher Microbiology, you will need to set up a new account. Contact our Customer Support team via the Inquiry Form below. 

If you are currently purchasing microbiology products from Thermo Fisher Microbiology you should now order Applied Biosystems food safety testing products using your current Thermo Fisher Microbiology ordering process.

For commonly asked questions about these changes, please refer to the FAQs document.

Customers not currently affected by these changes:
  • Customers in territories outside Europe, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Customers currently ordering Applied Biosystems food safety products via one of our distribution partners
  • Customers who want to continue to order online via

Explore a more complete solution for each step of your food microbiological workflow

Reduce your QC burden and maximize your efficiency with ready-to-use plates and bottles; streamline your workflow with Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ Enrichment Media filled using our Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags Peristaltic Pump; or select from a broad range of dehydrated formulations in a variety of packs sizes for your own media production.


Simplify and standardize your food sample handling when preparing dilutions for direct testing or enrichment using the Thermo Scientific Diluflux Dilutor and Thermo Scientific Homogenizer Laboratory Blender.


Prepare even the most challenging samples with options to pool, clean, purify and automate your sample preparation for molecular detection and other techniques.


Detect & enumerate quality indicators, spoilage organisms, pathogens and targets such as virus, meat ID and GMO with a broad choice of methods from traditional selective and differential agar media  to rapid, real-time PCR assays.


Differentiate and confirm micro-organisms from solid and sometimes liquid media at genus, species and serovar level with a range of confirmation and identification products that use either biochemical or immunological characteristics.


Monitor and control your manufacturing environment. Verify the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures and reduce the risk of contaminating finished products with ready to use plates and Air Sampler.


View the full list of Applied Biosystems products for food safety testing that are now part of the microbiology catalog. Download product list


We’ve answered common questions you may have regarding changes to ordering processes.  
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