Sample preparation for molecular and non-molecular workflows

Sample preparation for molecular and non-molecular workflows

Prepare even the most challenging food samples with options to pool, clean, purify, concentrate and automate your sample preparation for molecular detection and other techniques.

Nucleic acid extraction systems for food samples

Applied Biosystems™ PrepSEQ™ Rapid Spin Sample Preparation Kits are designed for manual sample preparation upfront of the Applied Biosystems™ MicroSEQ™, Applied Biosystems™ RapidFinder™ STEC and Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ assays. They are suitable for use with other PCR kits and offer:

  • Fast, efficient sample preparation for PCR-based assays
  • Optimal performance on a wide range of sample types
  • A simple protocol which reduces time-to-results
  • A microcentrifuge-based system — no additional equipment is required
  • An ideal solution for low to medium sample throughput

Immunomagnetic separation (IMS) and paramagnetic preparation for food samples


Be confident in the authenticity of food ingredients with rapid molecular solutions

Combat food fraud and ensure correct product labeling with effective species detection and quantification solutions, and genetically modified organism (GMO) testing, to help you to protect public health and your brand reputation.

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