Pathatrix instrument

Perfect your food pathogen testing workflow

Handle any sample matrices rapidly and accurately—and save your lab time and money—with the Applied Biosystems™ Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument.  Using paramagnetic particles that are either antibody-coated or positively charged, you can selectively bind and concentrate target organisms from many of the complex matrices found in food, environmental, and biothreat samples

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Reduce false-positives and indeterminate results

The Pathatrix Auto System is fully compatible with a wide range of detection technologies. The captured, concentrated, and cleaned sample produced by the Pathatrix system helps ensure a more reliable and accurate result from your chosen detection method. The time to result is also reduced due to the concentration effect of the Pathatrix system. Simple linking protocols are available for all of the commonly used detection technologies, including:

  • Agar plates—selective and chromogenic
  • Colorimetric assays—ELISA and lateral flow
  • PCR—real-time or conventional

Key features and benefits

Cleans and concentrates target—helps reduce false positives and indeterminate results

Pooling of up to 10 samples—save up to 90% on downstream detection costs

15-minute, fully automated run-time—quicker time to results and improved productivity