Pathatrix Auto System

The Pathatrix™ Auto System has obtained AFNOR certification for the ‘Pathatrix™ Auto Salmonella spp.’ Validation data demonstrates equivalence to the reference method ISO 6579 (2002).

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Scope of the AFNOR validation

Food categories:

Meat products: including raw beef, ready-to-eat and ready-to-reheat meat products
Dairy products: including heat-treated milk and UHT, canned or pasteurized dairy products

Salmonella detection workflows:

  • After enrichment, 10 portions of enriched meat or dairy samples are pooled over the Pathatrix™ Auto System followed by detection using the MicroSEQ™ Salmonella spp real-time PCR detection kit or by detection on selective agar plates according to ISO 6579
  • Positive pooled samples are re-tested individually by reprocessing 10 ml samples of stored individual enriched cultures on the Pathatrix Auto System, continuing through the chosen detection procedure
  • Independent confirmation testing is performed only on positive individual samples, according to the detection method chosen.

Two protocols have been validated:

  • Pathatrix™ Auto Salmonella spp linked to MicroSEQ™ Salmonella spp real-time PCR Detection Kit
  • Pathatrix™ Auto Salmonella spp linked to Selective Agar Detection

Both protocols allow the screening of the negative samples typically within 2 days, while 3 days are required for the positive samples; compared to 4 days for culture negatives following ISO.

AFNOR validated workflow

The Pathatrix Auto Instrument is a recirculation immunomagnetic separation system. Using magnetic beads coated with antibodies, the Pathatrix Auto Instrument quickly concentrates the target organisms such as Salmonella from the enriched samples, and the on-line wash step removes non-target organisms and any PCR inhibitors. This helps reduce the time to results and enables increased pathogen testing at lower costs.

Applying the Pathatrix Auto System full workflows in your food testing lab enables:

  • more testing at lower costs
  • faster release of your meat and dairy products
  • less false positives due to the removal of matrix effects