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Featured instruments for food rheology & food extrusion

Analysis categories for food solutions through rheology & extrusion

Does the food look good? How does it spread? What happens if it gets cold? Consumers judge foods by such mechanical properties. Rheometers measure those properties under various conditions to help ensure satisfaction.

What shape should a food product have? Texture? Color? Flavor? Food extrusion is a highly flexible technique used for food development and processing applications such as extrusion cooking, starch gelation, or encapsulation of flavors.

Consumer perception plays a key role in the success of new or revised food products. Food rheology can determine physical and structural properties of new food products to help predict how consumers will perceive and taste a product.

Rheology measurements help determine effective scale-up, plant design, and processing operations. Food scientists must take flow behavior into account wherever food formulations are pumped, mixed, or extruded.

The flow of melted chocolate

The appearance, texture, mouthfeel, and other properties of a chocolate food product are directly related to the viscosity of the chocolate during development and processing. So rheological measurements are crucial to ensuring the best possible customer sensation for new and improved chocolate foods.

Once a food has been commercialized, production quality and efficiencies become a primary concern. The transport, filling, dipping, coating or dosing steps in a chocolate food production process depend on a well-defined viscosity and yield stress. Viscosity tests are standard then for any company producing chocolate or using chocolate in the production of other foods (e.g. chocolate coated cookies).

The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE ™ Viscotester™ iQ Rheometer is a compact instrument with the right combination of sensitivity and strength to successfully test chocolate melts over a wide range of shear rates. It’s an ideal instrument for all types of food rheology.

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Service Material Characterization

All-you-need service for our material characterization instruments

We created customer-centered service modules to cover every type of service challenge in food rheology and food extrusion: installation, inspection, validation, repairs, maintenance, and training. Select only the service modules you want when you want (at time of purchase, during warranty, or after).

Available services include: emergency response, extended warranty, installation, maintenance and calibration, repair and inspection, and training.

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On-demand webinar: Handle food samples with care for reliable rheological results

Critical rheological results can be thrown off by some easy slip-ups in handling food samples or in your test method itself. 

Watch this webinar to review the critical steps in food analysis before pressing ‘start’ on your rheometer.

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