Food Weighing and Inspection
Reduce scrap, increase throughput, and improve profitability

Rest assured—you can protect your brand and still increase your bottom line. Thermo Scientific™ product inspection systems can help provide you with the performance and service you need to improve the quality and safety of your products.

From the consistent accuracy of our checkweighers, to the sensitivity of our metal detectors and the detection performance of our X-ray systems, we are committed to helping you eliminate errors and ensure the integrity of your brand.

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Thermo Scientific checkweighers can be customized to your specific business needs, which helps maximize your process efficiencies while providing reliable weight control measurements and consistent product throughput.

Thermo Scientific metal detectors help provide reliable, consistent, cost-effective detection when you need it most. As a partner in your success, we are dedicated to helping customize your detection system and reduce any downtime so your business can achieve its goals.

When finding contaminants and inspecting your products is critical to your business success, Thermo Scientific X-ray systems offer high-tech, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions. We'll work with you to find the perfect model for your business.

Detect contaminants and other defects found in packaged foods with PASS, an off-line product inspection service. Our highly experienced staff thoroughly tests every package to help achieve maximum product recovery.

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Is X-ray inspection of packaged foods safe?

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