Solutions designed to maximize productivity

Your food inspection equipment is designed to give you confidence with reliable operation, and our service solutions can extend that confidence by keeping you up and running with peace of mind. From certification services to preventative preventive maintenance to ongoing preferential service and spare parts, our full range of service solutions delivers optimal performance, ensures regulatory compliance, and reduces maintenance.

Technical support

Technical support is your first line of defense to diagnose and resolve issues with your food inspection products quicklyquickly diagnose and resolve issues with your food inspection products. Our highly knowledgeable technical support team is factory-trained and certified to help whenever needed. Technical support is available through both phone and by by phone and a remote broadband connection to the instrument.

Preventive maintenance

Boost your uptime. Our scheduled, on-site preventive maintenance (PM) program is designed to maximize the life of your food inspection equipment through proper and frequent maintenance services. Our engineers are highly experienced and trained to detect potential problems and will work with you to take the necessary corrective action. Knowledgeable and timely preventive maintenance improves productivity, reduces the cost of ownership, and helps you manage your annual budget over the lifetime of the equipment. Request a quote for preventive maintenance programs on your equipment today.


Our certifications certification services help to demonstrate that your metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray inspection systems are working properly show that your metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray inspection systems are working correctly and performing to specification. Certification services can be used to pass internal company audits, customer audits, and/, or external audits by regulatory agencies.  Certification services are available through our service team.

Service agreements

Every food manufacturing and processing situation is different, and your specific needs and expectations deserve a tailored approach to services. Our comprehensive service portfolio is designed to provide you with value-added benefits.

  • Reduced downtime
    Regular preventive maintenance and pre-scheduled calibration visits can dramatically reduce production downtime and unnecessary product giveawaygiveaways.
  • Flexible coverage
    We understand that our customers have their own unique requirements for service. That is why we offer a variety of service agreement levels. You can choose the level of coverage that best suits your needs.
  • Priority response
    Customers with service contracts receive priority responses over non-contract customers.
  • Manufacturer-certified parts
    Our parts are guaranteed to perform to our instruments’ rigorous design specifications.
  • Predictable costs
    Eliminate surprises and control costs. A Thermo Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific service agreement provides on-site service for a specific piece of equipment and guarantees the highest level of response at predictable costs.
  • Quality
    All engineers are factory trainedfactory-trained, and our manufacturing sites are ISO9001 registered and compliant. A machine calibration adjusts your instrument performance, and we provide traceable certification for your quality systems.






Preventive services

Preventive maintenance (PM)

PM consumables

10% off

5% off


Calibration/maintenance certification(s)

Operator & maintenance training2


Customized classroom training

Option Option Option

Instrument optimization

Remote application support

Business hours

Business hours

Business hours

Additional on-site application support 

10% off

10% off


Software & system upgrades 10% off 10% off  
ProVision Option Option Option
System audit & consultancy Option Option Option
Corrective maintenance
Remote technical support 24/7 24/7 Business hours
Targeted onsite response 48 hrs. 72 hrs  Priority
Labor & travel 10% off
Spare parts 10% off 5% off
Spare parts stock advisory    
  1. During scheduled PM only
  2. During scheduled PM, up to 8 hours per year

Spare parts

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our spare parts are specifically designed for your Thermo Scientific food product inspection instruments. Our factory-supplied replacement parts provide the same level of quality, fit, and high performance as the original part that came with your instrument and maintains your warranty. Replacement parts can be purchased through our online parts store.