ProVision Software for statistical quality control for product inspection systems

ProVision Software provides our customers with a suite of programs that allows automating the collection of all production information through the connection with checkweighers, metal detectors, static scales, and x-ray machines.

Statistical quality control

ProVision is a suite of programs that connects with checkweighers, metal detectors, static scales, and x-ray machines from different manufacturers, and allows you to automate the collection of production data.  A suite of software modules lets you create a quality-control system that meets the particular needs of your production facility.  ProVision is a valuable option that can be included in the service agreement or at the time of purchase of a Thermo Scientific product inspection system.

ProVision features

  • Paperless - All data is stored in a relational database, eliminating the need for paper documentation
  • Compatibility - Over 50 models of check-weighers, x-ray inspection, and metal detector systems can be connected
  • Savings - Taking corrective actions in real time can reduce waste by up to 20% daily
  • Ease of use - Supports product operators in the collection of metrological and qualitative data
  • Security - With ProVision Software your data is stored safely
  • Real time monitoring - The operator is able to monitor key parameters of the production process in real time
  • Unlimited connections - It’s possible to connect to an unlimited number of machines
  • Integration - ProVision Software can be integrated with other software (e.g. ERP supervisory software)
  • Automation - Automatic programming of equipment by your product-management-system

Service plans

Bundle ProVision Software with an instrument service plan for extra benefits and the best value. Advantages of a service plan include:


Preventive maintenance

Proactive instrument health covers:

  • Regular, scheduled care for optimal system performance
  • Complete safety checks
  • Replacement of consumable parts

Priority response time

We are committed to providing service plan customers:

  • Priority support
  • Fast response times
  • Preferred on-site support

Remote support

Our global technical support team is available to:

  • Provide remote technical support for immediate diagnosis
  • Troubleshoot for a resolution to get you back up and running quickly
  • Remotely connect to select instruments

Optimized budget  

Eliminate surprises and control costs with:

  • Predictable service budget
  • Discounted services
  • Control of service expenditures over multiple years