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When sports doping control test results can mean the difference between competing or being banned, authorities depend on accurate analysis without exception. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers labs reliable, cost-effective mass spectrometry–based solutions to help you reveal the truth hidden in virtually any sample. Because when fair competition is on the line, so is your reputation.

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Keeping up to date on current prohibited substance screening isn’t easy. We empower your lab to routinely test in and out of competition and researching new methods to stay ahead of future banned substances.

Our solutions support detecting the presence of synthetic endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids (EAAS) and your confirmation testing to investigate suspicious steroid profile (SSP) or an atypical passport finding (ATPF).

Comprehensive screening of known and unknown performance-enhancing substances is a critical part of maintaining sports true.

We offer solutions to help you identify new, modified or designer drug substances reportedly misused by athletes, as anti-doping agencies and laboratories seek new detection strategies to combat emerging threats.

The prevalence of sports doping in horse racing keeps equine drug testing labs busy. Detect trace levels of banned substances, and retrospectively analyze data for new compounds with trusted technology.

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Sports doping and forensics handbook

Future proof your sports antidoping testing labs

In our latest application handbook, we provide access to sports antidoping and forensic drug chemistry applications, peer reviewed references and recent technical posters for a wide range of experimental techniques, including mass spectrometry (including single quadrupole, triple quadrupole and quantitative high resolution systems), liquid chromatography and a variety of sample prep solutions.

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Tomorrow's Quantitation Compendium

Developing robust quantitation assays is possible with both Triple Quadrupole and Orbitrap-based High- resolution MS instruments. Both technologies enable confident quantitation in a variety of sample types.

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Professor Francisco Radler, Head of the Brazilian Doping Control Lab - LADETEC – UFRJ, discusses using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry in the fight against doping. Find out how this important laboratory is able to provide the highest quality results and detect the use of prohibited substances in sporting events. 

Featured ebook
Removing Doubt – Mass Spectrometry Workflows Solving Forensic Cases

In this eBook overview of the current state of forensic chemistry and the latest mass spectrometry technology for staying ahead of your casework, we discuss:

  • Changes in regulations
  • Drugged driving cases
  • Polydrug use - blood alcohol, marijuana, cocaine,
  • Novel psychoactive substances - cathinones, cannabinoids, fentanyl, designer drugs