Learn how Forensic DNA analysis techniques are being used by forensic scientist, practitioners, and criminal investigators to help solve crimes.

Routine analysis of challenging casework cases
Zhang Guangfeng, IFS, MPS

The Forensic Workflow at Fiji Police – Set Up, Implications and impact
Elizabeth Peters, Fiji Police Force

Malaysia experience in establishing DNA database
Hussein Omar khan, Royal Malaysia Police

Starting a DNA Database
Lorna Santos, Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory

MythBusters – Review of lessons learned from extraction to data analysis
Megan Meyer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

A System Approach to Product Development: How your “asks” during expanded multiplex kit adoption drive our “answers”  
Jen Elliott, Sr. Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Recovery of DNA off Fired Cartridge Casings
David Cornacchia, Criminalist San Diego Police Department Crime Laboratory

The Nuts and Bolts behind our Solutions to your Latest Laboratory Challenges
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Implementation of the RapidHIT ID for reference samples within the UK criminal justice system
David Shackleton, Key Forensic Services

Local DNA
Anne Mapes, Dutch Police

Law Enforcement & Rapid DNA Rapid DNA case study
Fred Harran & Glenn Vandegrift, Bensalem Township Police Department

GMID_X Helpful Tips and Tricks
Josh Abernathy, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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