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Integrated human identification solutions

When the world seeks the truth, it turns to you. But uncovering the truth presents complex challenges that require a partner you can depend on. That’s why listening to and answering to you is our highest priority, and informs everything we do—so you can focus on making a difference.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers streamlined, end-to-end workflows for forensic DNA analysis to help you resolve difficult cases and provide investigative leads in a forensically responsible manner. We are committed to delivering unparalleled support and continued innovation to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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Featured forensic DNA analysis products

This fully automated robot instrument uses PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kits to precisely purifying nucleic acids for use in downstream forensic DNA analyses.

The SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer, available in both an 8- and 24-capillary format, incorporates a built-in touchscreen computer, data collection software, and a continuously accessible four-plate deck.

Human identification categories

Rapid DNA analysis

The compact, easy-to-use RapidHIT ID System generates forensic DNA profiles in virtually any setting in as little as 90 minutes—and no technical expertise is required. Safer communities are within reach.

Next-generation sequencing

The Precision ID NGS System for HID can help you solve tough cases by getting more information from your challenging samples. Now you have help moving those unknown samples from storage to investigative leads.

Sample preparation

Forensic DNA samples are among the most difficult specimens to process because they are often limited in quantity, may be environmentally exposed, and may be on substrates that contain PCR inhibitors. The quantity and quality of genomic DNA extracted and purified from a forensic sample is directly correlated to the success of downstream analysis.

Automated sample preparation

Easily process up to 96 DNA samples in less than 90 minutes to get more critical answers faster. Reduce case backlogs that delay answers and put lives on hold. The high-throughput HID NIMBUS Presto System can process most complex forensic sample types—including bone, tooth, and touch DNA samples—quickly and easily. Reclaim your time and keep answers flowing with an automated, set-up-and-go system.

DNA quantification

The quantification step of the casework workflow is the key to determining how a sample will be processed downstream. There are many factors that determine the success of the short tandem repeat (STR) profile. Our Quantifiler DNA quantification kits enable forensics labs to achieve accurate results in less time for even the most challenging casework samples.

PCR amplification

Applied Biosystems STR amplification kits combine the sensitivity of PCR with the power of multicolor fluorescence technology to enable robust, reliable results. These forensic DNA STR amplification kits provide maximum commonality in markers to make more cross-border identifications.

DNA analysis (instrument systems)

Applied Biosystems capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument systems have been validated by the human identification community and are the most widely trusted CE systems available.

Data interpretation (software)

GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7, an automated genotyping software solution, streamlines human identification data analysis needs, including forensic casework, databasing, and paternity testing. It is an Expert System approved for use on offender samples and known reference samples by National DNA Index System (NDIS).

Challenging sample analysis

Crime scene samples can originate from harsh environmental locations, which may result in various stages of degradation and contamination. Imagine a 20-year-old stamp that was stored away in a closet, trace amounts of blood from an exploded IED, or a partially eaten piece of pizza. How would you begin to evaluate these challenging samples?.

Sexual assault casework

Sexual assault kit (SAK) samples are among the most difficult sample types encountered by many forensic laboratories. Samples collected from female victims may contain very low amounts of male DNA mixed with high amounts of female DNA. It is critical to be able to quickly and accurately assess whether swab evidence from an SAK contains a male contributor before labor-intensive differential extraction procedures are performed.

Validation and verification services

Leave every detail of validating and implementing the forensic DNA testing solutions your work demands to us. Our experienced HID Professional Services (HPS) team can manage any or all parts of the process—including training—to get your new workflow operational quickly.


Training is the key to success. Forensic DNA testing constantly evolves with new technologies, procedures, and requirements. To maintain success, DNA analysts must learn how to best adapt laboratory processes and improve their technical understanding of analysis procedures.

Customer videos

Combating human trafficking with DNA analysis

Dr. Bruce Budowle, the  Director of  The Center for Human Identification at the  University of North Texas describes how the Center is developing programs and utilizing DNA technologies to combat human trafficking.

Harnessing the power of forensic DNA analysis to solve crimes faster

Dave Reichert, former King County Sherriff, discusses the decades- long investigation into the Green River Killer and how DNA analysis may help solve crimes faster in the future.

Developing a new national database: Validation, standardization and quality requirements

Police Lieutenant Colonel Lorna Santos describes how Philippines is instituting their forensic DNA database and implementing quality standards to aid in solving crime.

Rapid DNA: Forging Partnerships

Mark Smith, Supervising Forensic Scientist and Rapid DNA Coordinator, describes how AZ Dept of Public Safety took their vision to forge lasting partnerships between the crime lab and their various law enforcement agencies and turned it into reality using Rapid DNA technology.

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