Rapid DNA Solutions—Because Every Minute Counts


Every minute that a crime remains unsolved is time for someone else to become a victim. Imagine what can happen when DNA testing takes only minutes, instead of days, weeks, or even months.
Rapid DNA helps solve crimes today and prevent victims tomorrow

The compact, easy-to-use Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System generates forensic DNA profiles in virtually any setting in as little as 90 minutes—and no technical expertise is required. 

Available Now: an enhanced Rapid DNA investigative lead solution that helps law enforcement provide critical leads within the first pivotal hours of an investigation.  Request a demo to learn how Rapid DNA programs are transforming investigations and assisting agencies apprehend criminals, rule out suspects, and keep communities safe.

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FBI NDIS Approved Rapid DNA System*

Identify or exclude suspects faster at the booking station


Dramatically reduce crime with rapid investigative leads



The power of partnership


Partners in forensics—from investigators and police officers to DNA analysts, medical examiners and criminal justice attorneys—can benefit from Rapid DNA in many applications. The RapidHIT ID system equips the criminal justice community to expedite DNA testing so they can help get criminals off the street faster and keep their communities safe.

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* NDIS-approved for use by booking stations & accredited forensic DNA laboratories with known reference DNA samples and the RapidHIT ID ACE GlobalFiler Express Sample Cartridge.

For Forensics, Human Identification or Paternity/Kinship Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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