DNA Quantification Kits
Our advanced quantification kits enable forensic labs to achieve accurate results in less time, for even the most challenging casework samples. The kits evaluate sample quality and quantity in a single reaction.

The Applied Biosystems Quantifiler HP DNA Quantification Kit enables forensic laboratories to simultaneously obtain a quantitative and qualitative assessment of total human DNA in a single, highly sensitive real-time PCR reaction. This guides selection of the optimal short tandem repeat (STR) analysis chemistry (autosomal or miniSTR) and streamlines the workflow while increasing downstream analysis success rates.

The Quantifiler Trio kit has all the enhanced capabilities of Quantifiler HP, plus the addition of an improved male Y target for more sensitive male:female ratio detection and improved results in sexual assault casework.

HID RealTime PCR Analysis Software is designed for the RealTime PCR System and streamlines the experimental setup, supports customizable workflow templates, and enhances the data analysis and review process. The software is validated for use on both Windows XP and Windows 7 platforms, and is specialized for all Quantifiler kits on the market and optimized for the new Quantifiler Trio and the Quantifiler HP DNA Quantification Kits.

Key features and benefits


More informative and comprehensive casework sample assessment for improved downstream results


Increased workflow efficiency with faster time-to-results and flexible sample-processing protocols


Flexible protocols allow for configurable output and display features

Decision flow enhancement

The Quantifiler Trio and Quantifiler HP kits, used in conjunction with the HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software, redefine the casework sample-processing workflow. New quality index functionality enables a more comprehensive view of sample quality (both degradation and inhibition), while increased sensitivity and robustness correlate with more recently released Applied Biosystems STR chemistries. This enables you to screen samples and make critical workflow decisions (for example, autosomal vs. Y-STR) with greater confidence.

The inclusion of quantity and quality indicators helps deliver accurate, sensitive, and specific results that work together with the software to enable informative, integrated workflow decisions.



& integrated workflow decisions
Low Level? Degraded? Inhibited? F:M Ratio?


Solution overview

Sensitive and reproducible

Data consistency in Y and genomic targets.

Enlarge Y Target image
Enlarge Genomic Target image

Webinar and resources

Development of a Next Generation DNA Quantification Kit with Improved Capabilities and Reduced Time to Result

A. Holt, R. Green, J. Mulero, J. Shewale, J. Muehling

Automation and HID professional services

As labs worldwide are increasing the throughput of samples through their casework workflows, there is heightened interest in solutions that can increase productivity, maximize data output, and minimize errors.

With our workflow-centric design, we have incorporated robotic system requirements into our latest HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1.2, which enables simple integration and upgrade to a fully optimized, automated quantification system to drive efficiency.

For labs that find it difficult to identify or implement the right robotic system(s) for their midstream workflow, our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) team has extensive expertise in assisting in the design and implementation of robotic systems from a variety of vendors, and can partner with you to identify the most appropriate solution to meet your specific lab needs.

Product selection guide
 Quantifiler TrioQuantifiler HP
Quantification targetsTotal human
& male
Total human
Sensitivity<1 pg<1 pg
degradation index
Reaction mix and IPC robustnessExcellentExcellent
Correlates with latest STR kitsYesYes
Accuracy of M:F mixture ratioExcellentN/A
DNA quantification standardExcellentExcellent
Cycling time~60 min~60 min
Minimum standards per plate55
Fully integrated system with instrument, data collection, and analysis softwareYesYes
Validated real-time PCR instrument(s)QuantStudio 5/7500QuantStudio 5/7500
Compatible analysis softwareHID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3
Software with customized workflow templates, data analysis, and dilution/STR setup toolsHID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3
Software with Windows® 7 compatibility and automation/LIMS integration capabilitiesHID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1,v1.2,v1.3
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.