Integrated forensic DNA software solutions

The forensic DNA workflow requires numerous intricate steps, including complex analysis, procedures, and decisions. As a result, many laboratories heavily rely on their information technology and software systems to help guide them, and effectively manage their day-to-day laboratory operations.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's integrated software solutions for the forensic DNA laboratory can help streamline and simplify your lab operations, and provide you confidence in the accuracy and validity of the raw data and final analyzed results that your lab generates.

We provide optimized solutions for the DNA laboratory, including integrated tools for:

  • Case, subject and profile management
  • Quantification analysis
  • Fragment analysis
  • Expert system genotyping
  • Kinship and Paternity Analysis
  • Next-generation sequencing analysis

Tighter integration between your instrumentation, software, and laboratory workflows can help significantly increase your lab’s effectiveness, and simplify your daily operations. This leaves more time and resources for analyzing more cases, and increasing overall laboratory efficiency.

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Forensic software products

GeneMapper ID-X Software is an automated genotyping software solution for all human identification (HID) data analysis needs, including forensic casework, databasing, and paternity testing.

The software supports a multi-user database configuration in which a database host computer stores projects, settings, and results. Client computers connect to the database host computer to create and analyze projects. This configuration allows you to maintain one version of analysis settings that multiple users can access. GeneMapper ID-X Software is considered to be an Expert System and is approved for use on offender samples and known reference samples by National DNA Index System (NDIS).

GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 utilizes a PostgreSQL® database and supports both Windows™ 10 and Windows™ 11 operating systems. The new user interface allows you to open multiple projects at the same time, and you can now annotate comments directly on the electropherogram. Using optional analysis features, you can now add in your lab-specific stutter and pull-up filters.

GeneMapper ID-X Software is compatible with files from our family of Applied Biosystems DNA analyzers, including the SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification and SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer, along with the 3500 Genetic Analyzer and ABI PRISM 3730, 3130, 3100 and 310 analyzers. And in the future, GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 will be able to analyze and view data files (.fsa/.ser) generated by the RapidHIT ID software v2.0 and higher. Learn more ›

Converge software offers streamlined solutions for next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of short tandem repeat (STR) markers, CE to NGS comparisons of STR profiles, kinship and paternity testing, and case management.

Designed to increase the efficiency of forensic and relationship DNA testing laboratories, the system is highly configurable to fit specific laboratory workflows, not only for analysis parameters, but also for incorporation of data fields according to your laboratory’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Forensic laboratories can also integrate with an existing laboratory information management system (LIMS) using service oriented architecture integration points that are built into Converge software.  Learn more ›

HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software streamlines the DNA quantification workflow with specially-designed assay templates, and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface.

The system can assist in defining the optimal downstream, and speeds up STR analysis by performing automatic calculation for dilution, normalization, and PCR reaction set-up. In addition, the system includes customizable reporting features that allow users to tailor their information and reports to the lab’s specific requirements. Learn more ›

HID professional services enable relationship-testing laboratories to overcome critical implementation challenges through a collaborative partnership with Thermo Fisher: a worldwide leader in validated human identification solutions.

Professional services are available to support:

  • New laboratory development, implementation, and validation
  • Instrumentation and software integration
  • New protocol validation and testing
  • Workflow, software, and DNA theory training and educational services Learn more ›

For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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