Applied Biosystems GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 is an automated genotyping software for human identification (HID) data analysis needs, including forensic casework, databasing, and paternity testing. The software is compliant with the relevant Center for Internet Security® (CIS) benchmarks.  It is considered to be an Expert System and is approved for use on offender samples and known reference samples by the National DNA Index System (NDIS). 

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We’ve enhanced GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 in response to needs for decreased data analysis time, a more efficient processing workflow, and compliance with IT and security requirements.

New database

Genemapper ID-X Software v1.7 utilizes a PostgreSQL® database, resulting in new abilities for backup and restore functions and faster connection from client to host. Both Microsoft Windows™ 10 and Windows 11 operating systems are supported.

User interface

GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 allows multiple projects to be open at the same time, so you can search profiles across multiple projects.  It also offers new plot views for easy comparison of two profiles without switching back and forth between windows. You can also make notes directly on the electropherograms (figure 1) and catalog the edits from multiple analysts. There are also expanded printing options, along with an autosave function and the ability to prepopulate analysis settings from your capillary electrophoresis (CE) plate document.

Figure 1. Annotation examples on an electropherogram

Instrument user base

GeneMapper ID-X Software is compatible with files from our family of Applied Biosystems DNA analyzers, including the new SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification, along with the 3500 Genetic Analyzer, SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer, and ABI PRISM 3730, 3130, 3100, and 310 genetic analyzers. And in the future, GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7 will be able to analyze and view data files (.fsa/.ser) generated by the RapidHIT ID software v2.0 and higher.


Analysis parameters

Forensic DNA laboratories have requested the ability to add their own data filters. In GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7, there are a variety of optional settings allowing you to add your own allele-specific stutter parameters, marker-specific filters, and spectral pull-up filter settings (figure 2).


Webinar: Analysis tools that improve efficiency and save time

Jaime Brachold (Senior Technical Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific) presents a benchmarking study of different STR kits on Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers, which shows the ability of the Applied Biosystems kits, instruments, and software to reduce pull-up by at least 3–9 times and save up to 66% in profile editing time.

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For Research Forensic or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.