Impact On Workflow

With the advent of higher throughput instrumentation and more robust amplification technology, the bottleneck in the forensic laboratory has shifted from sample processing to data analysis. GeneMapper® ID-X Software is a complete software solution which combines Expert System and Expert Assistant capabilities to alleviate the time consuming tasks associated with data review. Depending on whether you are processing databasing or casework samples the user defined thresholds and automated tools can either allow the software to make the final genotype call or support review, editing and further processing of the sample. Regardless of the nature of the sample, the final interpretation decision can be made more quickly, easily and with confidence.

The types of samples a laboratory will choose to review manually will depend on the protocol or the application. Obviously Expert System users will only review those samples that were flagged for additional evaluation. Traditional users may review all samples. However, now with the implementation of the allelic ladder check and control checks, even traditional users may not have to review ladders and controls.

In both workflows (expert and traditional), there will be the need to manually review data. In the Expert System, some samples will not meet all thresholds, and these may need to be visually inspected. GeneMapper® ID-X will not only access the data as an Expert System , but it also provides tools that will decrease the amount of time manually reviewing data.

Software Workflow

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