Q: What products can I validate using VALID™ Software v1.0?
A: VALID™ Software supports validation workflows for the Applied Biosystems 5-dye AmpFℓSTR® Kits: Identifiler®, Yfiler®, and MiniFiler™.


Q: What instruments and software are supported in the STR kit validation workflow?
A:Visit the product compatibility page for a full list of compatible instruments and software.


Q: What workflow tools are available in VALID™ Software v1.0 that will help me streamline the validation process?
A: VALID™ Software provides several tools that will help streamline your validation process, including:

  • Project design tools allow set-up of preformatted, yet customizable studies with direct access to validation information via the online tool, to facilitate experimental design
  • Wizards provide worksheets containing all sample and reagent calculations including dilution and mixture preparation specific to your experiment
  • Auto-generated instrument set-up files for Real-Time PCR Systems and the Genetic Analyzers
  • Study specific data analysis tools with tabular and graphical plots designed to enable easy data evaluation
  • An auto-generated, yet customizable, report generated in real time to capture information throughout the validation process


Q: Can I modify the recommended studies in the software?
A: Yes. You can customize the validation plan and studies to suit your laboratory's needs.


Q: What does the validation report look like?
A: The format and structure of the validation report is similar to a scientific paper. The software automatically incorporates data and text in all of the above sections as each laboratory step is completed, excluding the Conclusion Section. For greater flexibility, the introduction and results sections are user editable.


Q: Is the validation study information easy to retrieve?
A: Yes. When installing the software you will be prompted to identify the location where your validation data should be saved. As you execute your validation experiments the VALID™ Software automatically collates all validation data and documentation generated and analyzed into one validation project folder in the selected location. All VALID™ generated documents including worksheets, data plots and tables and the validation project report are saved as .txt, .pdf and/or .jpeg files that can be accessed from the central location at any time without needing to launch the application.