Trusted, integrated systems for paternity and kinship analysis

As the worldwide leader in DNA typing solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific delivers the most comprehensively validated products, expertise and application support available to paternity testing laboratories. Precise results, consistent performance and proven success, sample after sample, are what you expect from us.

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Speed up your workflow, expand your throughput

Prep-n-Go Buffer and Prep-n-Go Buffer for Buccal Swabs

The Prep-n-Go Buffer and Prep-n-Go Buffer for Buccal Swabs enable high quality direct PCR amplification of non-FTA reference and single source samples without the need for heat incubation, extraction or purification. Increase your STR profile quality with fewer intermediate steps.

Increased efficiency and discriminatory power

Amplification kits for paternity testing

Direct STR amplification kits offer improved efficiency by eliminating the need for DNA extraction and quantification.


VeriFiler Express PCR Amplification Kit
For paternity customers who demand high confidence in relationship testing conclusions, the new 6-dye VeriFiler Express PCR Amplification Kit—with 25 STR markers including two highly discriminating Penta markers—enables superior genotyping results backed by superior service and support.


GlobalFiler Express PCR Amplification Kit
As part of the only fully integrated and validated forensic workflow, this 6-dye, 24-locus technology is designed to deliver superior lab performance—all facilitated by high quality manufacturing at our ISO18385 certified facility, along with comprehensive training, service, and support.

Same STR workflow, same trusted CE technology


Now with an innovative all-in-one cartridge that helps reduce run setup time from hours to minutes

The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer for HID is a 4-capillary, easy-to-use, and convenient benchtop system that delivers gold-standard STR fragment analysis with just one click.  The SeqStudio instrument uses an innovative all-in-one cartridge. Load up your samples and cathode buffer, click in the cartridge, and go. The cartridge is stable for up to six months on the instrument and can process 250 injections (1000 samples). The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer for HID is optimized for performance with Applied Biosystems STR kits and incorporates a resolution algorithm and a marker-to-marker pull-up reduction that is optimized for the markers in each kit.

Get the same answers you trust with the outstanding data quality, service, and support you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems instruments.

By combining Applied Biosystems 3500 Data Collection Software v4.0 or SeqStudio Data Collection Software v 1.2 with Applied Biosystems STR kits, GeneMapper ID-X software helps significantly enhance productivity and confidence, as well as IT support and compliance, in your paternity laboratory’s data interpretation workflow. These software solutions offer the following benefits:

Improved data interpretation—reduced pull-up edits with Applied Biosystems STR kits, Improved first-pass success rate for labs processing single source samples with off-scale data recovery

Enhanced user experience—flexible plate loading, streamlined workflow, support languages, 6-dye installation standard

IT support and compliance—Windows 10 support, internationalization

 Click image to enlargeEnhanced dynamic range for off-scale data recovery

Complete analysis solution for kinship and paternity testing