At crime scenes, it is essential that the sample collection device prevents microbial contamination while preserving nucleic acid integrity. The unique 4N6FLOQSwabs for crime scenes product line is specifically designed for sample collection of sweat, semen, blood stains, skin, and environmental trace evidence found at the crime scene.

Key features

  • Optimized for challenging samples—Rapid absorption capability and superior sample release are especially valuable with limited or trace amounts of DNA
  • Prevents microbial contamination—Swabs are specially treated with antimicrobial agents
  • Sample drying not needed—Due to the strong antimicrobial action, the sample can be transferred into a tube or vial without drying, and can withstand more humid conditions.

Featured product

The collection, sampling, and storage of biological evidence require robust methods to preserve high quality and quantity DNA for human identification. 4N6FLOQSwabs Crime Scene Divisible Swabs with novel design allows the swab to be easily split into two equal halves for more efficient DNA processing and greater confidence in sample homogeny for retention.




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