4N6FLOQSwabs genetics devices utilize proprietary flock technology to maximize DNA collection and elution efficiency. The perpendicular nylon fibers act like a soft brush that facilitates improved collection of cellular material. Unlike traditional fiber-wound swabs, 4N6FLOQSwabs devices have no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen—the sample stays close to the surface for faster and more efficient elution.

Key features

  • Validated for direct PCR amplification: reference samples collected with 4N6FLOQSwabs reference collection devices can be easily processed using Applied Biosystems Prep-n-Go Buffer, eliminating the need for extraction and quantification
  • Easy processing with prescored breaking point for breaking of the swab
  • ISO 18385–compliant and certified free of DNase, RNase, and amplifiable human DNA
  • Specially designed for buccal sample collection peel pouch.


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