Biological samples are vulnerable to degradation from the time they are collected until their analysis in the lab. Biological factors such as bacteria, fungi, and enzymes, as well as environmental factors like sunlight, heat, and humidity can all increase the rate of DNA degradation.

To minimize sample degradation, it is common to either dry or freeze the sample to ensure the highest quantity and quality upon arrival at the laboratory.

forensiX products incorporate several methods to rapidly dry the sample, help preserve the DNA, and help improve results in the lab. 

SafeDry products actively dry the sample with a desiccant in an insert placed in the housing tube.  BasicDry and cardboard box products dry the sample passively, as the humidity is transferred to the surrounding environment through the cardboard wall.

forensiX products can be combined with Copan 4N6FLOQSwabs™ for improved results. 

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