Our extensive line of easy-to-use nucleic card devices is ideal for the collection, preservation, and long-term storage of nucleic acids. The NUCLEIC-CARD matrix is chemically treated to enable cell lysis and protein denaturation, immobilizing and preserving nucleic acids for long-term storage at room temperature.

Key features

  • Enables direct PCR amplification from a card punch, eliminating time-consuming extraction and quantification steps
  • Facilitates high-quality short tandem repeat (STR) profiles with Applied Biosystems direct PCR amplification kits
  • ISO 18385–compliant: free of amplifiable human DNA, certified as DNase and RNase free, and ethylene oxide–treated
  • Available in a variety of configurations:
    • 1, 2, or 4 sample collection areas per card: plain white for blood and colored for buccal samples.
    • Framed card options to maximize sample integrity with commercially available punching systems; integrated swab and/or card collection device to improve buccal cell collection.
    • Indicator card that changes color from pink to white upon sample addition for easy visualization and punching.
  • Improved chain of custody with peel-off barcode feature

Featured product

The NUCLEIC-CARD Collection Device system incorporates a redesigned DNA collection swab and collection chamber with the established chemically-treated NUCLEIC-CARD matrix for cell lysis and protein denaturation. This integrated collection system can help your lab achieve a high first pass success rate for reference samples, and a decrease in your laboratory costs.



NUCLEIC-CARD collection system: workflow for reference sample

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