Applied Biosystems Prep-n-Go Buffer is a superior buffer designed to help enable high-quality direct PCR amplification of single source samples collected on untreated paper or buccal swabs. This product expands direct PCR amplification capabilities to laboratories that use a wide variety of substrates, and is readily adaptable to both manual and automated workflows. No purification, extraction or quantification is required, thus helping laboratories to significantly expand their throughput capabilities while maximizing sample integrity and data quality.

Key features

  • Aids in minimizing the requirement for heat incubation or additional workflow steps
  • Designed to provide consistent, interpretable peaks above the detection threshold, and high quality, well-balanced STR profiles
  • Helps to simplify automation requirements and expand throughput capabilities
  • Helps to maximize sample integrity and data quality
  • Developed according to stringent performance standards, helping to enable higher data reproducibility, reduced artifacts, and increased success rates with Applied Biosystems STR direct amplification solutions

Direct amplification workflow

Direct Amplification

For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.