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Since 2007, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s HID Professional Services (HPS) team has been partnering with forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies to help optimize their forensic workflows for efficiency and reliability. HPS offers a wide array of services, including validation, training, performance checks, and implementations based on internationally recognized standards. Our technical project managers and field specialists bring extensive knowledge and experience to each project, helping you seamlessly implement a new workflow while minimizing the impact on your daily operations. You can rely on the HPS team to deliver high-quality services that help you achieve your goals.

HID professional enablement and services that fit your needs


Place your trust in the team that knows your instruments and chemistries inside and out. HPS will help your workflow meet internationally recommended regulatory standards with our catalog of validation services.


Education is the key to success. Enhance your productivity by keeping your team up to date on your forensic procedures, requirements, and technologies. HPS offers a wide array of training programs that can be customized to meet your needs.

Rapid DNA program

Because every minute counts. Scalable Rapid DNA databasing solutions, arrestee DNA collection programs in booking stations, mass fatality events, and border control efforts can be realized with the help of our HID Enablement services.

About HPS

Get online without going offline. HPS is committed to keeping your forensic workflow operating at its highest capacity. Our qualified and certified specialists provide timely and efficient services so you can focus on finding answers.

Global team

Supporting you where you are. Our HPS team has the depth of experience and expertise to meet your specific forensic needs. With team members globally, the team is available to offer local support to customers worldwide.

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For Forensics, Human Identification, or Paternity/Kinship Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.