Integrate, validate, and implement

Since 2007, our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) team has been helping customers like you successfully navigate the validation process required to bring new technologies into operation. At the core of our offerings are services designed to help forensic DNA labs integrate, validate, and implement new methodologies and technologies.

We are ready to help you validate our next-generation solutions such as Quantifiler HP and Trio, GlobalFiler, and YFiler Plus kits on supported instruments and robotics systems.

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Choose from flexible solutions

The HPS team offers an array of services to meet your needs, including:

  • Validation and performance checks
  • Accreditation support
  • SOP development
  • Consultancy and operational efficiency programs
  • Advanced HID training
  • Project management
  • Lab relocation/renovation
  • Robotic script verification/validation
  • LIMS integration/validation
  • Turnkey solutions and bespoke packages

“The HPS team validation experience opened our eyes to a whole array of techniques, process and possibilities that made our team more efficient and improved our productivity.”   Head of DNA Laboratory, forensic services of police, South Asia

“The rapid deployment of this new, state-of-the-art forensic science services center is allowing us to achieve our goals faster to provide forensic DNA testing in our community. The assistance of Life Technologies application experts was instrumental in speeding up the process and enhancing the quality assurance of validation, so we can start processing DNA evidence.”  Technical Leader, crime lab, US

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Video: Developing a new national database: Validation, standardization and quality requirements

Police Lieutenant Colonel Lorna Santos describes how Philippines is instituting their forensic DNA database and implementing quality standards to aid in solving crime.

Video: HID Professional Services is here to support you

Meet some of the specialists from the HPS team and hear how they employ a consultative approach to provide forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies with comprehensive validations, training, and implementation support.

HPS project scope, definition and execution for a typical STR kit validation
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3Data Analysis, Report Writing and Scientific Review


4Delivery of Validation Report
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5Teachback Training


The right set of solutions for your needs

Through a consultative approach to all services offered, the HPS team can work with you to design and implement the right set of solutions for your needs. Whether the need is for a smaller validation project or consulting engagement, or you’re looking for a regional or nationwide complete turnkey solution, our experienced HPS team can work with you to achieve your goals.

 STR caseworkSTR databaseQuantificationExtraction
Service*ValidationPerformance checkValidationValidationPerformance checkValidation
Consultation with client to determine needs
Project charter to define scope of project
Detailed experimental plan
Applicable reagents and instrument consumables
Precision study 
Reproducibility study
Minimum threshold   
Sensitivity study
Stochastic study    
Mixture study   
Concordance study—NIST✓**
Known and non-probative sample study  
Non-allelic peak assessment  
Thorough data analysis
Validation report binders and electronic report
Virtual Teachback  
Remote audit support for the validation  

The above table reflects the scope of studies to be conducted and may vary depending on customer requirements. For robotic validations and performance checks, the actual studies to be conducted will be discussed and confirmed with the customer prior to starting the project.

Frequently asked questions

Validation demonstrates laboratory workflows to be reliable, reproducible, and robust in the laboratory’s own environment.

  • Reliable—Results obtained by using this method are accurate and correctly reflect the sample being tested.
  • Reproducible—The same or very similar results are obtained each time a sample is tested.
  • Robust—Successful results are obtained a high percentage of the time with few samples that need to be repeated.

In addition to being a valuable part of the quality procedures, internal validation of a Human Identification workflow may be a regulatory requirement for a DNA laboratory or laboratory system.

Moreover, validation data enables forensic scientists and technical leaders to make data-driven standard operating procedures that inform decision-making during sample processing. Internal validation data is also used to monitor workflow performance over time and assist in troubleshooting efforts when needed.

The HPS team will work closely with you to develop a clear project plan and deliver an individualized experimental design to meet your needs. In most instances, all the necessary Applied Biosystems consumables needed to complete the testing are included with the service. Validation Specialists with forensic DNA laboratory experience come to your facility to perform the laboratory work and monitor the results in real-time. Partnering with HPS allows you to focus your resources on continued casework or databasing demands. Before delivering your validation data and report, HPS will analyze the resulting data, develop a detailed report using your data and perform a detailed technical review.

After you have had the opportunity to review the data and report, a teachback training will be delivered. This teachback training will present individualized results and can leverage virtual, in-person or hybrid formats. We know we’re successful when your laboratory has the knowledge and expertise to implement your newly validated workflow.

Validation and performance checks are processes that are part of implementing new methodologies and technologies and are used to assess the functionality of laboratory equipment and instruments. In most instances, validations consist of a larger scope of work and performance checks and performance verifications are scaled down to meet specific requirements dependent on each unique situation.  Please contact our HPS team to discuss your specific validation and performance check needs.  

Our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) validations aim to enable laboratories to comply with ISO/IEC 17025-2005 standards. The final reports that we deliver are designed to address recommended international guidelines and standards, including SWGDAM, NATA, UKAS, KOLAS, and NABL. It is your responsibility to interpret the standards relevant to your laboratory and ensure that the proposed HPS project scope includes studies that meet or exceed those requirements.

Our consultative approach to services enables us to meet your specific quality assurance requirements that may be unique to your region. To request more information, complete this form and a regional representative will contact you. 

Detailed Project Planning: Using the project scopes designed to meet your needs, the HPS team develops a detailed experimental design for your project. The experimental design is shared with you and reviewed during pre-service communications to ensure project readiness. Additionally, the Applied Biosystems kits and reagents that are required for the validation service are included as a deliverable, along with NIST-traceable DNA controls that work to standardize your validation project using trusted samples that exhibit predictable quality and performance.

Laboratory work: HPS scientists perform the laboratory wet work at your site, allowing you to focus your resources on continued casework or databasing demands.

Data Analysis and Report Writing: Following laboratory wet work, HPS analyzes the resulting data for each validation study. The analyzed data is detailed in a report that is thoroughly reviewed by a project manager for technical accuracy. HPS reports are audit-ready documents that provide a comprehensive overview of the service. The report can serve as the scientific foundation on which your laboratory can begin implementing the technology.

Teachback Training: Your HPS project may include an individualized, validation-specific teachback training. The training is customized with your project data and presented in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid format. The teachback training program aids in understanding the validation results and helps ensure laboratory competency and troubleshooting capability.

With the adoption of any new technology, it is critical that all users in the lab be thoroughly trained on the instruments, kits, software, and workflows. To address this need, we offer an array of specialized training programs, and our trained forensic applications specialists and field service engineers are available to assist you. We can customize your service package to include training as a total solution for your forensic needs. Inquire about available services here

The global HPS team of forensic DNA specialists have delivered over 2,000 projects in 39 countries ranging from small verification testing projects to complete laboratory turnkey solutions and nation-wide laboratory system validations and performance checks. Contact your HID Account Manager to find out how our experienced HPS team can help you bring your new workflow online.