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The map above shows select HPS projects completed globally.

We have been conducting validation services globally since 2007. Our team has completed over 400 projects (validations, performance checks, robotic integrations, laboratory-wide systems integrations, and turnkey projects) for forensic sites in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

We are ready to help you with your next validation project on supported instruments and robotics systems.

Example projects

The Life Technologies™ HID Professional Services team has been delivering validation and integration projects since 2007. Below is a selection of projects that the HPS team has been engaged in, including a wide variety of chemistries and instrumentation platforms.

Applied Biosystems STR Kits
GlobalFiler Validation and Performance Check on 3500, 3500xL with GeneMapper ID-X v1.4
GlobalFiler Express Validation and Performance Check on 3130xL, 3500xL with BSD600 and GeneMapper ID-X v1.4
Identifiler Plus Validation and Performance Check on 3130, 3130xl, 3500, 3500xl
Identifiler Validation on 3130xl, 3500, 3730
NGM SElect™ Express Validation on 3500
SGM Plus Validations and Performance Checks on 3500xL
MiniFiler Validation and Performance Checks on 3130xl, 3500xL
Yfiler Validation and Performance Check
Applied Biosystems DNA Quantification Kits
Quantifiler Trio Validation on 7500
Quantifiler Duo Validation and Performance Check on 7500
GlobalFiler Validation and Performance Check on 3500, 3500xL with GeneMapper ID-X v1.4
PrepFiler Express and PrepFiler Express BTA Validation and Performance Check on AutoMate Express™
Capillary Electrophoresis Setup Validation on Tecan HID 75, Tecan HID 150
Hamilton AutoLys STAR and Hamilton ID STARlet Validations
PrepFiler Automated, Quantifiler Duo, and Identifiler Plus Validation and Performance Check on Hamilton ID STARlet
Identifiler Direct Validation with BSD1000 and Hamilton ID STARlet on 3500
GlobalFiler Express Validations on Hamilton ID STARlet
NGM, PrepFiler Automated, Quantifiler Duo Verification on Tecan HID 150
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“The validation was well worth the cost. I would have it no other way. The presentation you receive after your validation is unbelievable. Great! It’s already in the format for auditing.”  Technical Leader, State Crime Laboratory, USA

“The validation was extremely thorough, and the level of training was excellent considering we are experienced DNA analysts.”  Technical Leader, State Crime Laboratory, USA

“I really understand the importance of validation. Teach back was very valuable for me. Data analysis was very impressive.”  Section Chief, Forensic DNA Laboratory, Japan

“I was extremely pleased with how the validation, training, and teachback were conducted. The process was well organized and pertinent to our needs. This validation has saved us considerable analysis time, yet we still have as much understanding of the data as if we had done the work ourselves.”  Technical Leader, County Crime Laboratory, USA

“Well-planned schedule and thus having smooth training here.”  Lab Manager, Forensic DNA Laboratory, Malaysia

“Absolutely would recommend. Especially for small labs with limited resources/personnel.”  County Crime Laboratory, USA

“There are advantages of having an outside agency conduct the validation for us - opportunities for gaining a different perspective and knowledge in addition to freeing up lab personnel for casework rather than taking them out for technical/validation aspects of the work.”  Forensic Centre, Canada

“I gained more experience and knowledge about DNA analysis using GlobalFiler kit. Team gave me much knowledge about 3500xL series and GeneMapper ID-X.”  Technician, Forensic DNA Laboratory, Thailand

“Life Technologies was very professional and went above and beyond our internal capabilities with this validation.”  Forensic DNA Laboratory, USA

“The use of the validation services would be the only way with current staffing to go online with new instrumentation and chemistries. Great advantage with ABI as directly involved in developmental validation (instrumentation and chemistry).”   County Crime Laboratory, USA

“Being a small lab not having the resources and personnel - was well worth the money - would highly recommend. Wish we had the funds currently for more validation services/projects.”  County Crime Laboratory, USA

“Loved the teachback ! I performed the validation of our existing 3500 for databasing and having AB come in and validate the 3500 for casework was eye opening. The amount of time and energy that goes into a validation can be overwhelming but you all did with ease and professionalism. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing how the data is utilized in our lab.”  State Police Laboratory, USA

“The validation services as well as the personnel responsible for the teachbacks were professional, knowledgeable, and followed up on all questions they couldn't address right away.”  Private Laboratory, USA

“Life Technologies personnel continue to be very knowledgeable in their field and with the various applications of their instruments and chemistries. If personnel are ever unsure of an answer they are quick to find the answer and supply it to the user. Despite what instrument or kit they are here for, they remain knowledgeable about the bigger picture and process. Jenn was very friendly and engaging as well as having a solid background of the information she presented.”  Private Laboratory, USA

“The rapid deployment of this new state-of-the-art forensic science services center is allowing us to achieve our goals faster to provide forensic DNA testing in our community. The assistance of Life Technologies application experts was instrumental in speeding up the process and enhancing the quality assurance of validation, so we can start processing DNA evidence.”  Technical Leader, Crime Laboratory, USA