We have set a date and HIDS 2017 will be held in Vienna (Austria) on 16–17th May 2017

You can now save the date directly in your calendars by clicking here.

Registration for HIDS 2017 will be open in September—for a reminder notification to be set up, click here.

As per previous years, attendance for HIDS 2017 will be free of charge although total numbers will be limited to around 300. So don’t miss out, save the date now and pass on the link to the page to colleagues you think might be interested.

HIDS 2016, Barcelona

Click on the video link below to remind yourself of the format and great topics covered at HIDS 2016.


Adam Poy, Victoria Police, Australia
Antonio Alonso, INTCF, Spain
Bruce Budowle, University of North Texas, US
Chris Phillips, Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Daniele Podini, George Washington University, US
Fiona Douglas, Scottish Policy Authority, UK
Francesca Fontana, Silicon Biosystems, IT
Francis Hermitte, Gendarmerie, France
Frank Jaffredo, IGNA, France
Franz Neuhuber, Univ. Salzburg, Austria
Jack Ballantyne, Univ. Central Florida, US
Le Wang, Institute of Forensic Science, China
Manfred Kayser, Erasmus MC, Netherlands

Niels Morling, DFI, Denmark
Peter Schneider, University of Cologne, Germany
Rodrigo Neto, Univ. Fed. Rio do Janeiro, Brazil
Runa Daniel,Victoria Police, Australia
Sally Ann Harbison, ESR, Australia
Shazia Khan, Metropolitan Police, UK
Sheree Hughes-Stamm, Sam Houston State Univ., US
Tim Schellberg, GTH, US
Walther Parson, Innsbruck Med. Univ., Austria
Zheng Wang, West China Univ. Med. Scien., China
William Frank, Illinois State Police Investigations, US
Wojciech Branicki, Univ. Krakow, Poland

HIDS 2016 was sponsored by the following companies: