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HIDS Vienna is a unique interactive conference and exhibition displaying the full forensic genetics workflow and the latest innovations quickly becoming routine practice across the world.

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The theme for HIDS Vienna will be: “Increasing Security, Solving Crime” and the two day scientific program will be structured around three main topics:

  • Ethical, legislative and social challenges in forensic genetics  including strategies to remove roadblocks for wider adoption, the expansion of DNA as evidence and security issues from a forensics DNA perspective

  • Integrating new technologies to solve more cases with experiences from the early adopters of CE and NGS combined workflows

  • Solving more crimes with new forensic technologies and the expansion of DNA databases

Check out the latest agenda for the two days below.

May 16th

8:00–9:30 Registration and coffee, opening of exhibition
9:30–10:30 Welcome and Keynote presentation
9:30 Conference welcome John Lesica
Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK
9:40 Thermo Fisher Scientific Vision on DNA forensics Rosy Lee
Thermo Fisher Scientific, US
10:00 Keynote Presentation: From National Forensic DNA Database to a Worldwide DNA and AFIS Database Network Reinhard Schmid
Federal Ministry of the Interior, Criminal Intelligence Service, Austria
10:30–11:00 Coffee break, posters and start of exhibition presentations
11:00–12:30 Expanding the Use of DNA as Evidence for Crime Prevention: Ethical, Social and Legislative Challenges Chairman
11:00 DNA Databases—Solving Crimes and Saving Lives—A Mother’s Story Jayann Sepich
Victim advocate and founder ofDNAsaves.org, USA
11:20 Maximising Forensic DNA Utility: Ethical, Social and Legislative Challenges Carole McCartney
North Umbria University, UK
11:40 Use of Biometrics to Address Border Security, Refugees, Human Trafficking Tim Palmbach
Professor and Chair of Forensic Science, University of New Haven, USA
12:00 Round table discussion Interactive session with Q&A
12:30–14:00 Lunch, seminars, posters and exhibition presentations
13:30 Using the new Virtual Standard Curve on the Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 5 System for Human
Identification to streamline the forensic analysis workflow
Lunch Seminar
14:00–15:20 Global Perspectives on MPS Adoption in Forensics Chairman Walther Parson
Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria
14:00 Use of MPS for Forensics in Australia: Considerations for implementation (provisional title) Australian Forensic Lab
14:20 The Adoption Process of Massively Parallel Sequencing into US Forensic Genetics Laboratories Bruce Budowle
Center for Human Identification (CHI), University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA
14:40 European Survey on Forensic Applications of Massively Parallel Sequencing Antonio Alonso
Instituto Nacional de Toxicologia, Spain
15:00 Forensic Researches and Application of Next Generation Sequencing in China Xianhua Jiang
Liaoning Criminal and Science Technology Research Institute, China
15:20–16:20 MPS applications in the forensic DNA workflow Chairman Manfred Kayser
Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands
15:20 Early Evaluation of the Applied Biosystems™ Precision ID GlobalFiler™ NGS Panels for Forensic Use Pedro Barrio Caballero
Instituto Nacional de Toxicologia, Spain
15:40 Systematic Evaluation of the Early Access Applied Biosystems Precision ID Globalfiler Mixture ID and Globalfiler NGS STR Panels for the Ion S5™ System within the DNASEQEX project Petra Müller
Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria
16:00 Challenges and Paradigm Shifts by the Adoption of NGS in Forensic Casework. Lessons Learned from the
Collaborative DNASeqEx Project so far.
Sascha Willuweit
Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Universitätsmedizin, Germany
16:20 Tea break, posters and exhibition presentations
16:50–18:00 New Forensic Genetics Applications Chairman Niels Morling
DFI, Denmark
16:50 The HIrisPlex-S System for Predicting Eye, Hair, and Skin Colour from DNA Manfred Kayser
Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands
17:10 A New Forensic Ancestry Analysis Panel for the Ion Torrent MPS System Chris Phillips
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
17:30 Enabling Forensic Genetic Analysis of Mixed Samples through the Identification and Recovery of Sperm and Epithelial Cells with the DEPArray™ Digital Cell-Sorting System Jack Ballantyne
National Center for Forensic Science, USA
18:00 Free time, posters, exhibition
19:00–22:00 Conference reception, networking event and party

May 17th

9:00–09:45 Gordon Thomas Honeywell Prize to
Best Database Hit of the Year
9:00 Presentation of 3 Runner-up Projects and the Winning Project. (40 projects have been presented since the first edition of this prize) Gordon Thomas Honeywell Prize: Best Database Hit of the Year
09:45–10:45 Expansion of the Use of DNA Databases and Reference Labs Chairman Tim Schellberg
Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs, US
09:45 Key Issues of the China National DNA Database Bing Liu
National DNA database, China
10:05 A Complete Solution for the Automated Laboratory Process for DNA Profiling of Forensic Reference Samples Sander Kneppers
NFI, Netherlands
10:25 Y-STR Forensic Application in Henan Province of China Hai Liu
Institute of Forensic Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau, China
10:45–11:15 Coffee break, posters and exhibition presentations
11:15–12:30 New forensic genetics applications (cc'd) Chairman Sheri Olson
Thermo Fisher Scientific
11:15 Genetic Analysis using the Applied Biosystems™ Precision ID Ancestry Panel Markers of Seven Populations in Asia Ji-Hyun Lee
Seoul National University, South Korea
11:35 Great Expectations—Assessing MPS for Integration into a Low Throughput Workflow Dadna Hartman
Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Australia
11:55 A SNP and STR Combined System for Pairwise Kinship Testing using Massive Parallel Sequencing Jiangwei Yan
Forensic Genomics Innovation Center of Beijing Institute of Genomics, China
12:15 Forensic Validation of the Applied Biosystems™ Precision ID mtDNA Whole Genome Panel using the Ion Chef™ System and the Ion S5 System Walther Parson
Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria
12:45–14:00 Lunch, seminars, posters and exhibition presentations
13:30 Bringing Together CE and NGS in the Forensic Laboratory with Applied Biosystems™ Converge™ Software, a Forensics Data Management, Analysis and Reporting Platform Lunch seminar
14:00–14:40 New Forensic Genetics Applications (cc'd) Chairman Ravi Gupta
Thermo Fisher Scientific
14:00 Applied Biosystems™ Converge Software: Case Management and Kinship and Paternity Modules—First Hands-on Experience Martin Steinlechner
Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria
14:20 NGM Detect-ing more from your Challenging Skeletal Samples Sheree Hughes-Stamm
Sam Houston State University, USA
14:40–14:40 DNA Technologies in the Routine Casework Laboratory Chairman Thierry Jurado
Thermo Fisher Scientific
14:40 Results of the Verification Study of the Applied Biosystems™ NGM Detect™ (provisional) Central Europe Forensic Genetics Lab
15:00 Implementation of a More Efficient Workflow to Meet New Demands Cajsa Älgenäs
RMV, Sweden
15:20 Application of the Applied Biosystems™ Y-Filer™ Plus in Forensic Genetics (provisional) UK Forensic Genetics Lab
15:40 Searching for and Identifying Victims of Wars and Totalitarian Crimes (provisional) Central Europe Forensic Genetics Lab
16:00–16:30 Selected Oral Presentations from Submitted Abstracts Chairman Thierry Jurado
Thermo Fisher Scientific
16:30 Closing remarks and departures

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