HIDS once again brings together the world's forensic community

In May 2018, nearly 400 members of the world's forensic community gathered in Rome for the 4th annual HIDS conference, an event which promotes and facilitates the crucial exchange of ideas, vital for the evolution of forensic science.

Themed 'Seeking Answers, Solving Crime', delegates and presenters explored the latest thinking, practice and technological innovation spanning topics such as DNA database expansion, cold-case solving, DNA laboratory automation, and new DNA analysis technologies including next generation sequencing and Rapid DNA analysis.

The event provided a unique opportunity for colleagues, peers and thought leaders to share, connect and grow their networks through discussion.

Showcasing the latest forensic genetics technology

At HIDS Rome we exhibited and discussed a range of technologies across the full forensic genetics workflow, to help you maximise productivity and enable success. We were also delighted this year to have IntegenX present at HIDS Rome. Thermo Fisher Scientific has acquired IntegenX Inc., which provides a Rapid DNA platform for use in forensics and law enforcement applications. If you would like more information on this or any of our products, please complete the form below.

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