You can now download presentations, videos and more from HIDS Virtual

In its 6th annual edition, and for the first time as a virtual event, HIDS once again provided a unique opportunity for forensic scientists, practitioners, and criminal investigators to share experiences, learn and network.

We partnered with LabRoots to move the HIDS conference to a virtual environment this year, allowing even more delegates around the world to benefit from the HIDS experience. This included regional sessions in several languages, in addition to English.

Don't worry if you missed the live event, you can now view and download content from HIDS Virtual including presentations, videos and more, so you can experience the virtual event at your leisure.

HIDS Virtual live sessions

Every minute that a crime remains unsolved is time for someone else to become a victim. We heard from the people responsible for solving crime and learned how they are working together to speed up this process.

Presentations and panel discussion captured the perspectives of victim advocates, investigators, forensic scientists and legal experts to explain the importance of effective partnerships between law enforcement and forensic labs in solving crimes faster.

Several parallel sessions, delivered in English, Arabic, Spanish/Portuguese and Mandarin

An array of highly-respected experts talked us through their journey in the implementation, use and evolution of DNA technologies and DNA databases in their jurisdictions.

The focus applications and case studies include, among others: Sexual Assaults, Violent-Serious Crimes, Property-Volume Crime, Missing Persons, Disaster Victim Identification and Human Trafficking.

Watch highlights from HIDS Rome (2018) and HIDS Kobe (2019) below and visit the Past HIDS page to explore content from previous HIDS conferences. You can also discover more about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s forensic genetic solutions here ›

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