Training is the key to success

Forensic DNA testing constantly evolves with new technologies, procedures, and requirements. To maintain success, DNA analysts must learn how to best adapt laboratory processes and improve their technical understanding of analysis procedures.

These requirements make training a top priority. Properly trained forensic scientists increase productivity, reduce downtime, and contribute to the laboratory's success. Whether you are validating new technologies and protocols or want to learn basic troubleshooting for specific applications, our integrated human identification training courses will help you to achieve your goals.

Specialized courses

We partner with the human identification community to provide specialized training on our Applied Biosystems™ validated reagents, instrumentation, and software. The HID University name indicates training opportunities in your region that are designed specifically for users of Applied Biosystems products validated for use in human identification applications.

Description of HID Casework Workflow Training:

TRN00087   Number of days: 3.5  List price: $5,000/person
SKU: TRN00088   Number of days: 3.5  List price: $5,000/person
Location: Thermo Fisher Scientific training facility, Customer facility

This 4-day interactive lecture and laboratory course provides in-depth training on the forensic DNA workflow, from DNA quantification through data analysis, and basic troubleshooting. Participants will be trained on our most advanced solutions available for human identification applications, including:

  • DNA quantification with the Quantifiler™ Trio kit on the 7500 Real-Time PCR System
  • DNA quantification with the Quantifiler™ Trio kit on the 7500 Real-Time PCR System
  • STR amplification with the AmpFlSTR™ Globalfiler™ and Yfiler Plus™ PCR amplification Kits
  • Capillary electrophoresis on the 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer
  • Analysis of single-source and mixed-source samples using GeneMapper™ ID-X Software


Description of Basic GeneMapper ID-X Software Training:

SKU: TRN00092  Number of days: 1  List price: $2,250/ person
Location: Customer facility or online

This hands-on training will help enable analysts to gain a better understanding of how to utilize the instrumentation and software for optimal, efficient performance.

This 1-day course provides an overview of STR data analysis using GeneMapper™ ID-X Software. The basic workflow will be presented using example data to demonstrate how the software tools help to streamline and improve the forensic data analysis process.


Description of Advanced GeneMapper ID-X Software Training:

SKU: TRN00085  Number of days: 3  List price: $4,500/person
SKU: TRN00080  Number of days: 3  List price: $4,500/person
Location: Thermo Fisher Scientific training facility, Customer facility

This 2-day training provides in-depth instruction on the advanced features of GeneMapper™ ID-X Software, including:

  • Installation in a multi-user database environment
  • Optimization for use as an Expert System
  • Analysis requirement check
  • Allelic ladder quality assessment
  • Analysis summary tool
  • Comprehensive quality value system
  • Manual review tools
  • Chain-of-custody and other security/audit features
  • Quality control features
  • The report manager

Working knowledge of GeneMapper ID-X v3.2.1 or GeneMapper ID-X software is required to participate.


Description of Advanced 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer Training: 

SKU: TRN00194  Number of days: 2  List price: $4,500/person
Location:Customer facility

This 2-day course presents in-depth training on the operation and maintenance of the 3500 Genetic Analyzer for forensics and paternity laboratories. Interactive lectures and hands-on exercises with the 3500 instrument will provide detailed instruction on:

  • The Data Collection interface
  • Calibrations
  • Maintenance
  • Setting up a plate
  • Viewing run results
  • Generating reports
  • Data normalization

An introduction to GeneMapper™ ID-X v. 1.5 software data analysis will cover the basics of data analysis, the Analysis Summary page, and setting up for data normalization.


Description of Quantifiler Trio and HID RT 1.2 Training:

SKU: TRN00100  Number of days: 1  List price: $2,250/person
Location:Customer facility

This 1-day training provides instruction on the features of the Quantifiler™ Trio and HP quantification kits. The material includes setting up and performing a Quantifiler run on the Applied Biosystems™ 7500 instrument with the HID Real-Time Software v1.2. Topics covered include:

  • Real-time PCR fundamentals
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Instrument calibrations
  • Maintenance


Description of Basic Converge Software Training:

SKU: TRN00065  Number of days: 1  List price: $2,250/person
Location: Customer facility

This one-day interactive course provides in-depth training on the features of the Converge™ software through lectures and hands-on exercises. Participants will be provided comprehensive training on the following:

  • Administrative features
  • Case dashboard
  • Case management
  • Kinship analysis
  • Analysis settings
  • Report generation
  • Quick KA workflow


Description of Advanced Converge software training:

SKU: TRN00095  Number of days: 2  List price: $3,250/person
Location: Customer facility

This two-day course provides comprehensive training on the features of Converge software, and in-depth training on performing data analysis with the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and/or kinship modules. Course content will focus on the module(s) that fit your laboratory needs. Interactive lectures and hands-on exercises will provide detailed instruction on the following:

  • Administrative features
  • Integration of software with Torrent Suite Software
  • Case dashboard
  • Batch dashboard
  • Audit dashboard
  • Case management
  • Kinship analysis
  • Precision ID data analysis
  • Analysis settings
  • Algorithms
  • Report generation