Thermo Fisher Scientific offers streamlined, end-to-end workflows, as well as laboratory supplies, for most steps in the forensic DNA workflow. From automated platforms to manual pipetting and quality chemistries and consumables, Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to meeting the demands of forensic labs. Our pipette systems and disposable tips have been tested in the HID workflow and offer accuracy, precision, and reproducibility for forensic applications such as DNA quantification, short tandem repeats (STR) amplification, and genotyping assays.

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The leader in pipetting technology

From the first variable volume micropipette to the first to offer an interlock ClipTip interface, Thermo Scientific manual pipetting systems deliver unparalleled ergonomics, dependability, and quality for consistent and reproducible results.

F1-ClipTip pipettes

Sealed in security. Feel the difference.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • ClipTip technology minimizes attachment and ejection forces to support comfortable pipetting
  • Enable consistent and reproducible pipetting from user to user

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Finnpipette F1 pipettes

Ergonomic and safe performance

  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Reduce strain with low plunger and ejection forces
  • Ergonomic comfort

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Pipette tips

Accurate and precise liquid measurement is critical to the success of forensic DNA analysis, and selecting the right pipette tip for your manual pipetting technology may help improve performance and results.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers pipette tips for most manual pipettors, making consistent and reliable pipetting easier. Whether you have a Finnpipette or ClipTip pipetting system, or you are looking for a universal pipette tip, we have tips for whatever pipette you are using.

ART universal pipette tips

Tips that fit any pipette in your lab

ART-Universal-Pipette Tips

Thermo Scientific ART tips have been a trusted tool in the lab for decades. Only ART tips have a self-sealing barrier that seals in aerosols and liquids, eliminating contamination of pipettes and sample cross-contamination during pipetting. ART tips are available in specialty and non-filtered varieties, making it easier than ever to find a tip for every application and virtually any brand of pipette in your lab. ART tips deliver the quality, performance, and reliability you expect.

  • Low retention for maximum sample recovery
  • Self-sealing barrier to completely block contamination
  • Universal fit for virtually any brand of pipette
  • ART barrier or non-filtered available

Available formats

ClipTip pipette tips

Worry-free pipetting


Thermo Scientific ClipTip pipette tips lock firmly in place on F1-ClipTip manual pipettes and E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes. The tips feature “clips” that lock the tips in place with a light touch for a secure seal on every channel. Tips will not loosen or fall off and will only release when ejected using minimal application pressure, making daily pipetting a new experience.

  • Low retention available in ClipTip 20-1250 96-format tips
  • Certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, and endotoxins
  • Universal fit for virtually any brand of pipette
  • Color-coded for easy identification


Available formats

SoftFit-L pipette tips


The SoftFit-L tip was designed for optimal performance with Rainin™ LTS pipettes. SoftFit-L tips deliver the accuracy and precision you expect and maintain the ergonomic benefits of the pipette with a positive-stop collar that reduces tip attachment and ejection forces.

  • Low retention to maximize sample delivery
  • Hinged rack provides easy one-hand access to tips
  • Color-coded inserts allow quick identification of tip volume





Available formats

Surface decontaminant

Eliminate unwanted DNA and DNase from glassware and plastic ware without affecting subsequent DNA samples. Thermo Scientific DNA AWAY Surface Decontaminant degrades DNA more quickly and effectively than other methods.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.