Multi-piece puzzle. Simplified.

Most materials analyses require multi-dimensional analysis to provide the full picture. Using a combination of FTIR microscopes, Nicolet FTIR Spectrometers and induction-coupled mass spectrometers, you can enhance the probative value of your evidence.

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Painted surfaces are everywhere, so it’s no surprise paint is an important source of trace evidence. Matching chips to flakes of paint is no easy task. For added complexity many paint samples contain at least three main components: the carrier, binder and top coat. Sun exposure, dirt, rain and other contaminants make this even more challenging. We provide many tools to help you see past the complications and provide accurate answers – quickly.

Analysis of fibers found in a vehicle was crucial in linking a suspect to an estimated 30-plus murders. The chemistry of fibers from carpeting, clothing, hair and even dust can be extremely important in casework. We offer tools to non-destructively analyze fibers, extensive databases and even more incisive tools when these are not enough.  


Adhesive tape has served in many good endeavors – like saving lives on the Apollo 13 space mission – criminals use it in many ways as well. These uses include packaging of illegal drugs, gagging and ligature, victim disposal and explosive devices. We have instruments to help solve your toughest adhesive tape questions, matching residues to suppliers to guide investigations.

Visible analysis can yield valuable information from fracture marks, lines and patterns. Using our solutions, we help you identify unique characteristics such as color, optical properties and density to remove all doubt. Much more detailed analyses are available, including matching elemental profiles through ICP to known databases.