3500 Series Genetic Analyzer

Introducing the 3500 Series, the first genetic analyzers specifically designed to enhance Human Identification

The 8-capillary 3500 Genetic Analyzer sets a new standard in capillary electrophoresis. The 3500-series instruments are the first genetic analyzers designed with a specific feature set and workflow for the Human Identification application. The complete product combines the instrument with Applied Biosystems® reagents, consumables and software, as well as industry leading support, to provide an integrated HID system solution that significantly improves ease-of-use and application efficiencies.

Key Features

  • Increased Consistency – Reduced signal variation with factory standardization and optional in-lane normalization
  • Real-Time Data Quality Assessment – On instrument data evaluation features provide rapid identification and re-injection of samples requiring additional processing
  • Improved Thermal Control – Smaller oven design and improved door seal for more consistent data migration

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