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2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's structure and the 30th anniversary of the invention of PCR. Details on upcoming webinars and events, promotions, and more here.

60 years


The GlobalFiler™ STR Kit combines reduced amplification time with maximum data recovery power. Watch the video!


Maximizing Data Quality

Article series focused on how to maximize data quality throughout the HID workflow.

  • Part I: The Importance of DNA Extraction in the Forensic DNA Workflow
  • Part II: DNA Quantitation
  • Part III: Maximizing Performance of Forensic STR Amplification Kits
  • Part IV: Maximizing the Performance of Capillary Electrophoresis Systems
  • Tech Note: Considerations for Evaluating Carryover on Applied Biosystems Capillary Electrophoresis Platforms in a HID Laboratory

Life Technologies is proud to support DNA-PROKIDS, an international organization aimed at fighting human trafficking through the expanded use of DNA databases.




GeneMapper® ID-X Software v1.4 Is Now Available

We are pleased to announce GeneMapper® ID-X Software v1.4 is now available. As the newest version of automated genotyping software for forensic casework, databasing, and paternity data analysis, GeneMapper® ID-X Software v1.4 includes several new features.

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Windows® 7 Compatible Versions of 3130/3730/3500 Data Collection Software are Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the Windows® 7 compatible 3130/3130xl/3730 Data Collection v4 and 3500 Data Collection v2 Upgrade Packages are now available. As the newest version of Data Collection software for fragment and sequencing analysis applications, the 3130/3130xl/3730 Data Collection v4 and 3500 Data Collection v2 software include several new features.

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Shift Into High Gear with Implementation Starter Packages

HID Professional Services enable forensic laboratories to overcome critical implementation challenges through a collaborative partnership with Life Technologies. Collaborate with our team of forensic implementation and validation experts to optimize your workflow—while maximizing performance and quality.

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Update—Manufacturing Transition for Two Raw Materials in the AmpFℓSTR® PCR Amplification Kit Product Line

In June 2012, Life Technologies made some key improvements to their supply chain and quality as part of their ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality forensic DNA typing products. Life Technologies has now completed this manufacturing transition improvement and minor modifications have been updated as of January 2013 to the AmpFℓSTR® Profiler®, Profiler® Plus, Profiler® Plus ID, COfiler®, SGM Plus®, Identifiler®, Yfiler® and MiniFiler™ Kits.

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Veriti® Thermal Cycler for HID Testing

The next-generation of thermal cyclers available to HID customers is the Veriti® Thermal Cycler. It features powerful innovations for precise control of your PCR optimization, including a color touch-screen and intuitive interface, plus VeriFlex™ Blocks—six independent temperature blocks—for increased flexibility and precision.

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Implementing Life Technologies Products in Human Identification Laboratories

During the development of products for forensic DNA analysis, Life Technologies performed developmental validation and/or verification studies. We published the results of these studies in our User Manuals and Technical Bulletins and also in peer-reviewed journal articles so that laboratories or agencies can reference these results and conduct their own appropriate internal studies.

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