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GeneMapper ID-X Software is a powerful data analysis software package designed to significantly reduce the amount of time required to perform sizing, allele calling, mixture analysis, and statistical calculations on all types of forensic samples.

Key Features

  • Powerful, easy to use data analysis tool designed to increase lab productivity
  • Comprehensive Expert System capability for analysis of forensic databasing samples delivered by automated data assessment functionality and efficient manual review tools
  • Complete Expert Assistant solution for analysis of forensic casework samples combining an efficient suite of manual review features with an integrated mixture analysis tool

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GeneMapper ID-X Software, a powerful data analysis tool, significantly reduces the amount of time spent on routine data analysis and manual review for both single source and forensic casework samples. Within one powerful software solution, forensic analysts will find novel and enhanced expert system functionality and new and improved Expert Assistant features including the new integrated Mixture Analysis tool. GeneMapper ID-X Software provides forensic scientists with a comprehensive tool that improves lab productivity by minimizing data review and adds consistency and reproducibility to the review process.

As the newest version of automated genotyping software for forensic casework and databasing data analysis, GeneMapper ID-X v1.5 Software includes fragment analysis and Expert System functionality designed specifically to streamline the review of data generated by the GlobalFiler Kits and Y-Filer Plus and has been validated for use with the newest Data Collection Software as well as data from all previously released AmpFℓSTR PCR Amplification Kits run on the Applied Biosystems 3130 Series and 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers and the 3730 DNA Analyzer.

More detailed information on this software is available in the GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.4 Product Bulletin and Validation User Bulletin.

Does your lab have the X-Factor?
  • Exciting increases in productivity
  • Expanded data review capabilities
  • Exceptional mixture interpretation
  • Extraordinary network capabilities on a single, trusted platform

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GeneMapper ID-X Software has undergone a verification process defined by Applied Biosystems. However, human identification laboratories analyzing forensic, paternity, databasing, and single-source samples that choose to use GeneMapper ID-X Software for data analysis should perform their own appropriate validation studies. 

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