Introducing the world’s most powerful STR kits NDIS Approved

Around the world, forensic labs are being asked to do more with less. That’s why GlobalFiler® STR Kits combine reduced amplification time with maximum data recovery power. As part of the only fully integrated and validated forensic workflow, this breakthrough 6-dye, 24-locus technology is designed to deliver unprecedented lab performance. And it’s backed by our best-in-class training, service and support.

Both the GlobalFiler® and GlobalFiler® Express kits are approved for use by laboratories generating DNA profiles for inclusion in the US National DNA Index System (NDIS) CODIS database.

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GlobalFiler® Kits in action

See validation studies and case examples of GlobalFiler® Kits in use in forensic laboratories worldwide. Presentations and posters, including customer presentations, are available on the   HID SlideShare space ›

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