Up to 9 orders of magnitude more discrimination power

  • 24 loci multiplex enables up to 9 orders of magnitude more discrimination power than previous-generation kits
  • Includes 10 powerful mini-STR loci for increased information recovery from heavily degraded samples
  • Enhanced buffer system enables superior performance on inhibited samples
  • Improved sensitivity and flexibility to add up to 15 μL of sample input volume enables increased allele recovery from low level samples


The GlobalFiler™ Kit multiplex configuration includes all 24 loci with only 1 locus partially exceeding 400 base pairs. 10 mini-STR loci lie completely below 220 base pairs for enhanced performance on degraded samples, and all gender-specific markers are located in the green VIC® channel for convenience of interpretation.


The GlobalFiler™ Kit allelic ladder includes 343 alleles featuring expanded marker ranges for many loci while maintaining interlocus spacing. The expanded panel and virtual bins (589 total alleles) minimize OL allele calls and facilitate more accurate and efficient automated genotyping.