For the past 16 years, Life Technologies has led the way in the evolution of STR technology. And today, GlobalFiler™ Kits
utilize breakthrough 6-dye chemistry to enable optimal performance and unprecedented discrimination power.

Why 6-Dye?
Squeezing all the additional loci into a 5-dye configuration would result in multiple tradeoffs, including:

Tradeoff #1: Multiple loci in the high molecular weight size range (>400 bp), increasing drop out with degraded and challenging samples.

Tradeoff #2: Several loci extending almost to 500 bp, which may cause issues with sizing and resolution, i.e. alleles labeled “OL” or failure to resolve microvariant alleles.

Tradeoff #3: Fewer miniSTRs. The GlobalFiler™ Kits include 10 STRs completely under 220 bp! This would not be possible in a 5-dye configuration.

Tradeoff #4: Insufficient spacing between adjacent markers; more difficult to expand marker ranges to minimize “OL” allele calls.

Tradeoff #5: Many loci would require redesigned primer sequences, leading to less concordance with data generated using the original primer sequences and with the vast majority of profiles in worldwide databases.

Using a 6-dye configuration enables optimal performance, efficiency, data recovery and genotyping accuracy