Full programme

2 days of inspiring presentations and intensive workshops on innovations in the forensic workflow.

Programme topics included:

  • Recent innovations in the forensic workflow
  • Crime scene DNA collection
  • Enhancing sexual assault analysis workflow
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) for human identity applications
  • Automation solutions
  • Updates on global databases and policies
Time Speaker Title
9:00–10:30   Registration and coffee
    Welcome and keynote speaker
10:30–10:45   Congress welcome
10:45–11:15 Bruce Budowle Keynote speaker—Forensics, perspectives, future
    Next generation sequencing for forensic applications
11.15–11:45 Walther Parson Massively parallel sequencing in forensic genetics
11:45–12:15 Niels Morling SNP and STR analysis using NGS
12:15–12:45 Manfred Kayser Towards multi-purpose forensic D/RNA analysis via targeted NGS
12:45–14:00   Lunch, seminars, posters and trade show
13:00–14:00 Lunch break seminar

Organised by Copan Flock Technology
CPA300™ and CPA200™: next generation punch system technology
    Next generation sequencing for forensic applications - continued
14:00–14:30 SallyAnn Harbison Massively parallel sequencing—integrating the Ion PGM™ Sequencer into your forensic laboratory
14:30–15:00 Christopher Phillips Validation of identity and ancestry SNP Panels
15:00–15:30 Runa Daniel An examination of the effects of Taq polymerase and PCR purification on Ion Torrent™ sequencer genotyping of forensic SNPs
15:30–16:00   Tea break, posters, trade show
    Next generation sequencing for forensic applications - continued
16:00–16:30 Peter de Knijff Cancelled
16:30–17:00 Peter Schneider Forensic genetics in the 21st century—meeting the challenges of biological evidence
17:00–19:00   Workshop sessions
17:15–18:00   Y-STRs (Workshop session 1)
Ion PGM™ System (Workshop session 3)
18:00–19:00   Y-STRs (Workshop session 2)
Ion PGM™ System (Workshop session 4)
19:00–20:00   Buffet, tradeshow, poster session
Time Speaker Title
    Enhancing the forensic workflow
9:00–9:30 Stefano Vernarecci Quantifiler® Trio kit and forensic samples management: a matter of degradation
9:30–10:00 Antonio Alonso Improving DNA data exchange: Validation studies of a global STR System
10:00–10:30 Catherine Hitchcock End-to-end automation driving efficiencies in high throughput DNA analysis
10:30–11:00 Fiona Douglas Building a state of the art forensic service
11:00–11:30   Coffee break, posters, trade show
    Enhancing the forensic workflow - continued
11:30–12:00 Angela Gallop Needles in Haystacks—finding DNA traces to test in complex, historic cases
12:00–12:30 Thomas Parsons The potential of forensic genetics in resolving the fate of the missing
    DNA Databases
12:30–13:00 Tim Schellberg The impact of new DNA technologies on the future of criminal offender DNA databases
13:00–14:00   Lunch, posters and trade show
    Special session
14:00–14:30 Cindy Harper The Rhinoceros DNA database: a forensic tool that can help save a flagship species from extinction
    Y-STR Haplotypes for forensics
14:30–15:00 Jack Ballantyne Why Y chromosome biomarkers are an ever expanding essential tool in sexual assault investigations
15:00–15:30 Lutz Roewer The golden age of forensic Y-STR typing
    Ancient DNA
15:30–16:00 Christine Keyser Discovery of 130 burials in Western Siberia
16:00–16:15   Close
16:15–17:00   Tea and biscuits, certificates of attendance will be available for collection

Confirmed speakers:

Bruce Budowle, Health Science Center at Fort Worth (UNTHSC), University of North Texas, USA
Jack Ballantyne, National Center for Forensic Science, Orlando , USA
Walther Parson, Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria
Lutz Roewer, Institute of Legal Medicine, Charité, Berlin, Germany
Manfred Kayser, Forensic Molecular Biology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Niels Morling, Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Peter Schneider, Institute of Legal Medicine, Cologne, Germany
Antonio Alonso, National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, Madrid, Spain
Fiona Douglas, Forensic Services (SPA), Glasgow, Scotland
Christine Keyser, Institute of Legal Medicine, Strasbourg University, France
Christopher Phillips, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Peter de Knijff, Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands
Angela Gallop, Axiom International and Forensic Access Ltd., UK
Runa Daniel, Victoria Police Forensic Services Department, Australia
SallyAnn Harbison, Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR), Auckland, New Zealand
Catherine Hitchcock, NSW Forensic & Analytical Science Service, NSW Health Pathology, Australia
Thomas Parsons, International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tim Schellberg, Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs firm
Cindy Harper, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria, South Africa
Stefano Vernarecci, Forensic Genetics Laboratory of Rome - Italian National Police