Life Technologies offers an integrated solution for paternity and kinship testing that can help simplify your laboratory operations, and increase laboratory efficiency.

Sample collection tools

Our variety of sample collection products meets the specific needs of your collection agency and laboratory workflow. These products are designed to:

  • Enable efficient, high quality PCR amplification for genotyping
  • Facilitate automation, preservation and storage
  • Maintain chain of custody and sample integrity

More about our sample collection products.


Direct amplification STR analysis

Direct amplification kits from Life Technologies enable relationship testing laboratories to streamline and simplify their STR workflow, without sacrificing processing success rates or data quality.

We have a variety of direct amplification kits designed to meet different price point and discrimination needs.


Genetic analysis instrumentation

The Life Technologies testing solution includes a range of instrumentation to support your complete laboratory workflow:

  • BSD punching systems—Automated punching systems from BSD to support automated and high throughput processing of untreated and treated paper collection card. More.
  • Veriti® thermal cyclers—High quality, reliable amplification of your target STR loci. More.
  • 3500 Genetic Analyzer—Trusted capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis of STR loci, using the gold standard sequencing technology. More.


BSD Punching SystemsVeriti® Thermal Cyclers3500 Genetic Analyzers


Management and analysis software tools

Our testing solution uses established, high quality software packages like GeneMapper® ID-X software for genotyping, as well as the new Converge™ software platform.

Converge™ is an enterprise-based laboratory system designed to simplify analysis, centralize data access and streamline your laboratory workflow, analysis and reporting.

  • GeneMapper®* ID-X software—Trusted expert system for rapid, confident fragment analysis and genotype profile generation. More.
  • Converge™* Kinship and Paternity software—Simple-to-use analysis tool enabling the customized analysis and reporting of routine paternity cases, as well as complex relationship testing cases.
  • Converge™ DNA Workflow—Centralize your DNA workflow case and sample information to a single point in the lab. Use Converge™ DNA Workflow to manage your protocols, automate your workflow steps and simplify your data access and storage.


Professional services for validation and training

Rely on our expert professional service and support teams to aid in many of your routine operational tasks and duties:

  • Professional validation services
  • Educational and training services
  • Service and support plans