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The HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Panel is a ready-to-use panel that includes 165 autosomal markers. Used with multiplex PCR and next-generation sequencing technologies, it can provide biogeographic ancestry information to help guide your investigation process.

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Ion AmpliSeq™ technology enables simple, fast target selection of hundreds of SNPs using multiplex PCR. Thousands of primer pairs can be used in a single tube for target amplification followed by next-generation sequencing (NGS) on the Ion PGM™ System. Utilizing this technology for human identification (HID) applications, the HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Panel can provide you with biogeographic ancestry information and guide your investigation process. Alternatively, it may help identify or stratify the subjects for your research projects.

Obtain ancestry information

This ready-to-use panel includes 165 autosomal markers that provide biogeographic ancestry information. Fifty-five of these markers were selected based on a publication by Dr. Kenneth Kidd [1], and 123 markers were selected based on a publication by Dr. Michael Seldin [2]. Ion AmpliSeq™ technology makes it possible to multiplex 165 PCR reactions in one tube with only 1 ng of input DNA. With small amplicon sizes, the panel is also optimized for degraded DNA samples.

Fast time-to-results

A simple, modular workflow with minimal hands-on time enables you to quickly go from sample extraction to genotypes, and obtain ancestry information in less than 24 hours total (Figure 1).


Figure 1. HID-Ion AmpliSeq™ Ancestry Solution workflow. The total estimated 19 hours is based on 8 samples (buccal swabs) on one Ion 314™ Chip. (This workflow does not include either quantification or initialization steps, which are not required for every run.)

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  2. Kosoy R, Nassir R, Tian C, et al. (2009) Ancestry informative marker sets for determining continental origin and admixture proportions in common populations in America. Hum Mutat 30(1):69–78.