Yfiler Plus Kit

For forensic laboratories that process highly challenging Y-STR casework and database samples, our recently introduced Yfiler Plus DNA Amplification Kit can help improve resolution for trace evidence and sexual assault mixtures. The kit offers laboratories both the power of discrimination and performance designed to obtain accurate results in less time from challenging samples.

The Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit is a 6-dye multiplex assay for short tandem repeats (STRs). It is optimized to allow amplification from multiple male-specific sample types such as male–male and male–female mixtures, and direct PCR amplification from the following types of single-source samples:

  • Blood and buccal samples on treated paper substrates, without the need for sample purification
  • Blood samples collected on untreated paper substrates and treated with Prep-n-Go™ Buffer
  • Buccal samples collected on swab substrates and treated with Prep-n-Go™ Buffer
  • Compared to the previous AmpFLSTR Yfiler PCR Amplification Kit, this next-generation Y-STR kit will help enable:

  • Increased haplotype resolution and potential for discrimination of male relatives, with an expanded marker set
  • Higher numbers of alleles recovered at low DNA input amounts
  • Improved recovery of alleles and intra-color balance in male–female mixtures containing high female background
  • Improved resolution capacity for male–male mixtures
  • Improved recovery of alleles in inhibited samples
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    Yfiler Kit

    The Yfiler Kit has been widely recognized as the gold standard for the forensic analysis of Y-STR markers, permitting the analysis or complex male: female DNA mixtures that often yield ambiguous or inconclusive results with autosomal STRs.  Learn more >

    Yfiler Direct Kit

    The Yfiler Direct Kit enables forensic laboratories to perform high-quality Y-STR analysis of single-source reference samples using direct PCR amplification. This kit amplifies the same 17 Y-STR loci as the Yfiler Kit and is designed to generate accurate results with faster thermocycling conditions than the Yfiler Kit. Blood or buccal samples on treated paper (FTA Card or NUCLEIC-CARD™ System) can be punched into PCR plates or tubes and taken directly to PCR amplification, without reduction in data quality. Samples collected with the Buccal DNA Collector™ and other untreated substrates can be processed without additional workflow steps using the Applied Biosystems  Prep-n-Go™ Buffer.
    Learn more >