MF FP Extrusion and Compounding Equipment 470 x 250

Small, simple, and scalable

Achieve reliable scale-up, reduced time to market, and controlled, continuous processing using Thermo Scientific™ compounders and extruders. Our twin-screw compounders offer flexible compounding configurations for small batches for either pilot scale production or low volume manufacturing and are well-suited for research and development in the polymer, pharmaceutical, bioscience, and nanotechnology sectors. Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on our twin-screw extruders to create uniform material blends for the preparation of various dosage forms for low solubility APIs. Our instruments cater to a broad range of process requirements for even the most challenging drug formulations.

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HDI Near-Infrared Pharmaceutical Analysis 230 x 195

Thermo Scientific pharmaceutical compounders for hot melt extrusion and continuous granulation offer reliable solutions for drug discovery and development. Our pharmaceutical extruders meet a wide range of drug development applications and are ideal for developing and testing recipes with expensive API and associated compounds.

Simplify your processing and QC procedures with Thermo Scientific scale-up extruders and compounders. We produce a versatile range of twin-screw extruders with customizable options to fit the demanding and evolving environments of research, development, production, and quality control for pharmaceutical, industrial, and polymer applications.

HDI Instrument Solutions for Automotive 230 x 195

Live webinar: Handle food samples with care for reliable rheological results

Critical rheological results can be thrown off by some easy slip-ups in handling food samples or in your test method itself. 

Attend this live webinar to review the critical steps in food analysis before pressing ‘start’ on your rheometer.

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Food Rheology