Compounding and extrusion equipment

Twin screw extruders for new material development

Twin-screw extruders are well-established tools for the mixing, compounding, and processing of materials. They are used in a wide variety of polymer, pharmaceutical, battery, and food applications to efficiently develop and produce high-quality products using a continuous process. The modularity of twin-screw extruders gives you the process design flexibility needed to accomplish your goals. Choose from a wide range of customizable options that fit the demanding and ever-changing needs of research and development, production, and quality control.

Compounding and extrusion equipment capabilities

Lab scale extruders for materials processing

Requiring only a small amount of material to conduct experiments, lab-scale extruders allow you to conduct numerous trials efficiently, cost effectively, all while conserving precious laboratory space.

High-quality extruders for results you can trust

Our compounding and extrusion equipment caters to a broad range of process requirements, from laboratory- to pilot-scale and commercial manufacturing.

Modular torque rheometers for comprehensive material characterization

Optimize your process development from compounding to injection molding in order to characterize and understand how your final product will behave. Simulate production processes at lab- or pilot-scale with a flexible and modular torque rheometer. 

Compounders and extruders for materials processing applications

Our extrusion and compounding equipment enables you to streamline your processing workflows across a wide range of applications.

Extruder accessories for downstream processing

The extruder is the heart of an extrusion process, but it needs a comprehensive range of up- and down-stream options to make it a truly complete processing solution.

Compounding and extrusion resources

Visit our resources page for a broad selection of videos, brochures, product information, and more – all designed to help you expand your extrusion and compounding knowledge.