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With decades of proven performance in industries as diverse as petroleum and petrochemical production, and steel and pulp and paper manufacturing, our detectors precisely identify product level and density, enabling our customers to maintain uptime and maximize efficiency, productivity and safety in critical process applications.

Building on recognized technologies, we offer robust, non-contacting radiometric and contacting vibrational detectors, that provide confident insights in the most challenging environments, whether you’re facing high temperatures, high pressures or damaging chemicals.

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Our range of density measurement gauges help to reduce cost and maintenance of your workflow in a variety of industrial applications. Eliminate process downtime with our density gauges in pulp and paper, or measure density variables within the mineral processing, petrochemical, food, water treatment, dredging and power industries.

Reliably measure density or density related variables within the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries with Thermo Scientific Sarasota gas and oil density meters. Our meters offer near real-time control signal availability and ensure plant efficiency and vitality.

Thermo Scientific gamma level gauges offer easy-to-use and accurate continuous level measurements, while our low-maintenance continuous, point, and tilt point devices are helping to redefine the standards for gamma-based measurement systems.

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Hydrocarbon processing in today’s petrochemical industry demands greater process control, as well as an increase in process efficiency and safety. Coking is a refinery unit operation that produces petroleum coke. When neutron backscatter and gamma transmission methods are used in conjunction, called “Hybrid Coking Level,” they can offer superior insight into the process changes than if either method was used alone.